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CVS: Making AlphaTcl releases from CVS

This page describes how to make AlphaTcl releases from CVS on the SourceForge shell servers. It is only useful to SourceForge alphatcl project developers with shell access.

If you have done the setup before, jump to 'Quick Start' below.


When doing ssh cvs on the SF shell servers, it's best to login to SF from a local unix box so that you can run ssh-agent and enter your ssh password only once, otherwise every cvs operation done on the shell server will require your password; some suggestions for setup: (assumes cvs ssh access has been setup as detailed in CVS.AlphaTclCVS)

	Host alphatcl
	User developername

	eval `ssh-agent`; ssh-add

	ssh alphatcl

Setup for your SF home directory:

	export PATH=~/bin:/home/groups/a/al/alphatcl/bin:/home/groups/a/al/alphatcl/usr/local/bin:$PATH:.
	export MANPATH=/home/groups/a/al/alphatcl/usr/local/man:

	diff -u
	update -P -d
	checkout -P

	ln -s /home/groups/a/al/alphatcl .

	sg alphatcl
	umask 002

Quick Start

Assuming the setup above has been done (including starting ssh-agent), the following steps will create a release based on the 'HEAD' of the repository, with updaters from the last release: (starting from a prompt on your local unix box)

	ssh alphatcl
	cd alphatcl/cvs
	sg alphatcl
	umask 002

	alphatcl-makerelease HEAD

to release file revisions that you have already tagged as 'LATEST', replace the last line by:

	alphatcl-makerelease LATEST

to release the HEAD but build updaters based on e.g. relase version 7.5:

	alphatcl-makerelease HEAD 7.5

to release the tip of branch 'branch-7_4_1' with updaters based on version 7.4.1:

	alphatcl-makerelease branch-7_4_1 7.4.1

Release Script Details

The alphatcl-makerelase[] script is used to automatically tag the CVS repository, build update archives, add new version entries to AlphaBugzilla? etc; it operates on a local copy of the repository in ~/alphatcl/cvs.

The script takes two optional parameters: tag and version

Using tag=='LATEST' :

	cvs tag -F LATEST *

Overview of operation

The release script executes the following steps:

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