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Cabal: Alpha release check list

This page maintains a checklist of the tasks to be executed when preparing a new release of Alpha

Building the binaries

Different binaries must be compiled for Jaguar, Panther and Tiger systems. Each one must be linked against the corresponding Tcl framework. In the case of Jaguar and Panther, the framework is embedded and its path is


For the Tiger build, we can use the framework provided by Apple. The path in the binary is:


See also the Build check list page on the wiki.

Pre-release checklist

If we are assembling a standalone bundle, the library is located inside the bundle like this (ditto for the Help and Examples folders):

IIRC, we had last decided that Alpha8's Help files should be pre-marked, while those for AlphaX should not be. (Marking/ colorizing the files in Mac OS X doesn't take as long, and this allows the user's default font and window parameters to be used when the files are first opened.) These AlphaDev > Help File Marking menu commands (Mark Etc All Help Files and Unmark All Help Files) are useful here. Choose the second one for the AlphaX distribution.

Create the Release Notes.txt file that is included in the .dmg so that users can inspect it before doing anything else. Select the AlphaDev > Alpha Distribution > Convert Help File command and select Release Notes - Alpha(tk).

If we are assembling a standalone bundle, the Tclextensions folder is located inside the bundle like this

or 1 level up (directly in Scripts).

Post-release checklist

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