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The [hiview] command has been introduced in version 8.2b12 of AlphaX. HIView is a new object-oriented view system available for implementing Carbon user interface elements. Beginning with Mac OS X 10.2, all of the standard controls can now be considered views. The conceptual presentation of HIViews can be found on the Apple's Developer Connection in the HIView Doc []. It explains the concepts behind the HIView model, covering the view embedding hierarchy (child-parent relationship) and composited drawing.

The model proposed in AlphaX by the [hiview] command parallels this view system. This approach is different from the one adopted by the [dialog] command. The main features are:

  • each element of a dialog or window is created individually and can be manipulated independently from the others
  • the properties of a subview can be modified programmatically
  • all the subviews can execute Tcl scripts. They all support a -command option which lets you specify a Tcl command which will be executed when the view is clicked or when an editable field is validated
  • this model is not limited to dialogs: the [hiview] command allows to create various kinds of windows (dialog, document, drawer, float, help, overlay, plain, sheet, simple, toolbar, utility).

The [hiview] command is entirely documented in the file Hiview Help.html accessible from the Help menu in AlphaX and in the following pages on the wiki:

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