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Commands: The [menuBar] command

This file documents the new [menuBar] command introduced in version 8.1 of AlphaX.

The [menuBar] command lets you access the basic properties of the current menu bar in Alpha. The menus themselves can be created and manipulated using the [menuRef] command (see the MenuRefCommand page on this wiki).


The formal syntax of the [menuBar] command is:

menuBar subcommand

The possible subcommands are:

These subcommands should be self-explanatory. The list returned by the [menuBar list] command is a list of tokens attributed to the menus when they were created.

They are the same tokens expected by most of the [menuRef] and [menuItem] subcommands (see the MenuRefCommand and MenuItemCommand pages).

Note that the [menuBar count] and [menuBar list] do not take the application menu and the help menu into account. Their tokens are "application" and "help" respectively.

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