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(:title AlphaTcl 8.0 Development)


(:title AlphaTcl 8.0 Development:)

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(:title AlphaTcl 8.0 Development)

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(:title AlphaTcl 80 Development)

Page for discussing what should happen with AlphaTcl 8.0. Please feel free to edit, contribute, contradict, debate, etc. A lot of work has already taken place on AlphaTcl 8.0dev, so this page only summarizes things which have yet to take place. AlphaTcl 8 will require Tcl 8.4 or newer.

Also see Development.AlphaTclStyleGuidelines

Files to be deleted:

  • Menus/codeWarriorMenu.tcl

Changes which will be made:

  • remove all references to info tclversion and just have one 'package require Tcl 8.4' early on in startup. (Obviously later, we may need to add in version checking again, when, say, Tcl 8.5 comes out).

  • remove all 'dosc' in favour of tclAE calls. (See bug# 878 [])

  • remove all 'eventhandler' in favour of tclAE calls.(See bug# 878 [])

any more suggestions?...

  • perhaps rename "Tcl 8.4 Commands.txt" to "Tcl Commands" (now that the old file has gone)

  • not mandatory but I like the new lindex syntax allowed by Tcl 8.4 which makes code more easily readable: constructs like lindex lindex $somelist 5 2 can now be written lindex $somelist {5 2}. There are approx 120 occurences of this type in the library (bd). Good idea -- note you can also write lindex $somelist 5 2, both syntaxes are supported (vince)

  • remove all BackCompatibility procs. (most, if not all, of these have gone now. Bug# 878 [] includes a list of others waiting to be updated, feel free to append more instances of obsolete proc usage to this report as you run across them.)

What Tcl packages shall we make use of? Tcllib? Some binary extensions? How should Tcl's packages and Alpha's packages co-exist (both in terms of the language and in terms of the directory structure)?

The Tcl packages are libraries of procs. There is already the package require mechanism to load them when necessary: all of them are supposed to have a ''package provide''. OTOH there are already standard locations for Tcl libraries.

Is it necessary to include Tcllib in Alpha: isn't it already systematically distributed with Tcl/Tk ?

No, tcllib's not normally distributed with Tcl/Tk (now, "why not?" is a very good question). Tcl packages can also include shared libraries of code as well, of course.

This leads me to the following question : if Alpha8/X/Tk want to make use of a standard Tcl package, where should it be located ? I think the obvious answer is "like for wish" which means (directly or via an alias) in {Extensions:Tool Command Language} under OSX 8/9, in Library/Tcl or ~/Library/Tcl under OSX etc. So is it right to put the TclProDebug folder inside the Tcl/Tk Mode folder in AlphaTcl's hierarchy ? (bd)


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