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Development: AlphaTcl 8.1 Plans

AlphaTcl 8.0 was released in December 2004.

AlphaTcl 8.0.1 will be released (hopefully) in February 2005.

For AlphaTcl 8.1, we should have a few key goals (as well as lots of small fixes, improvements, etc). This page is for the bigger goals. Of course these goals require people to step forward and offer their services to design, critique and implement these goals (please add your name, comments as appropriate!). Any/all of these goals will be dropped if nothing happens....

AlphaTcl 8.1 (development releases and final release) will require the latest versions of Alpha 8/X/tk as of December 2004. It may even require newer releases if we find that core changes are required to support our goals. AlphaTcl 8.1 will contain explicit checks for a sufficiently recent version of the core, and quit (with a nice 'alertnote') if the user's version of the core is not up to date.

There are currently three main goals:

First version of this now checked in. See XservIssues for subtleties to be resolved.

This might as well include the possibility for localisation as well (translation of menu items according to a message catalog).

It's all there. The strange modes like Term, TeXC, TeXL, etc should make use of it.

status: In 8.1a1 already, Calc, Dico, InSh, Mail, and Shel modes are now gone. Most of the others should go the same route.

The first two of these goals are sufficiently complex that they require someone to first write a plan and design for what is needed (not an implementation). I really recommend that implementation is not attempted without an agreed design. I would suggest that the initial plan/design take a form similar to a TIP (placed on a Wiki page here), and then the final design take the form of a new Alpha Developer (and/or User) Help file describing the new approach and API. Once that is 90% agreed, implementation can start. Implementation should be easy once the design is set.

The third goal above is something that can easily happen one mode at a time, and just requires relevant code contributions.

Any other suggestions for major goals for AlphaTcl 8.1? (Another might be a new dialog command, but that requires major core changes).


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