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Development: Final release issues

The current public releases include

    Alpha8/X 8.0b17dXXX
    Alphatk  8.3.3
    AlphaTcl 8.0

Development is currently in progress for the next public releases,

    Alpha8/X 8.0b18
    AlphaTcl 8.0.1

Some small changes to AlphaTcl's documentation may also be made (AlphaTcl 8.0.1) for this next release. Alphatk 8.3.3 has been released and the next version will be 8.4a1 or 9.0a1.

This page contains lists of issues that should be addressed before the next "final" public release of Alpha8/X/tk/Tcl. (See also Development.CurrentDevelopmentSchedule and Development.FinalReleaseSchedule.) We have four categories here:

These are items submitted by users and developers, issues which we would like to see addressed before the next release. These can include hyperlinks to AlphaBugzilla? bug reports.

Items from the first category will be place here by members of the AlphaCabal when they have decided that this issue will be addressed for the next release.

These are items from the second category that have been fixed.

Some ideas are really good, but aren't so critical that they need to be resolved before final release. (If they're not directly related to the core, they could also be added to the Development.AlphaTclToDo page.)

Proposed Issues

There are no outstanding issues -- let's create the final release already!

Accepted Issues

Resolved Issues

See bug# 1692 [] cbu

See bug# 1583 [] cbu

See bug# 1596 [] cbu jeg

See bug# 1669 [] cbu jeg

See bug# 719 [] cbu Escape and delete-when-empty now both throw "Cancelled" error. jeg

Bug# 683 [] -- The primary issue has been addressed, and the "Create create more than XX menus" dialog will now only appear once. cbu Any menus > 255 appear as stubs. jeg

See Bug# 1373 [] -- "getTextDimensions]] in Alpha8 throws error with new dialogs code" cbu

See Bug# 1264 [] -- "Multiple files search crashes with Regexp combinations like \r\r or \.\rA"

See bug# 637 [] for a [[coreKeyPrompt] core fix that would easily address this.

See bug# 1586 [] cbu

This is a minor bug (893 []) but it appears that the core fixes are very easy to implement and it would be nice to get this one off the books. cbu

Bug# 1311 "Utils > Compare > Directories" Diff window navigation error [] cbu

RFE# 1534 Move "Help > Changes" files into "AlphaDev Help [] cbu

RFE# 1511 Define the package: versionControl as "always-on" [] cbu

RFE# 1022 change "Iconify Window" to "Minimize Window" [] cbu

RFE# 1515 merge indentLine]] and [[indentSelection [] cbu

RFE# 1516 A few keyboard shortcut permutations [] cbu

RFE# 1548 Remove "Soft" option from status bar "Wrap" pop-up [] cbu

Bug# 1496 Smartscripts settings do not accept 'no binding'. [] cbu

Bug# 1543 Changing 'binding' preferences does not adjust binding [] cbu

Rejected / Withdrawn

These should be updated to use the new dialogs code, with better "descriptions" included either as balloon help or (when not available) directly in the dialog. cbu

Vince - it would be good to update the dialogs (although not something we should hold up a release for), but let's use balloon help and not put descriptions in the dialogs (they'll just become too cumbersome) -- Alpha 8/tk support balloon help, and Alpha X should as soon as soon as someone gets around to implementing it. (Is there even an RFE/bug report on this?)

cbu - Okay, I agree that new dialog implementations aren't critical for the next release. It's worth pursuing, but it shouldn't be a requirement here. I do think that the current lack of balloon help in AlphaX makes these dialogs problematic in that they require the user to know in advance what the various items are good for, but I'll bring that up in a separate RFE after the next release.

See Bug# 1395 [] -- "RFE: allow "-font 2" for dialog flags and text. or create new types"

It would be nice to have smaller dialog type options institutionalized in some way so that future development code can work with the CURRENT releases. cbu

Vince I'm happy to see this happen, but I think the argument for getting it into CURRENT is bogus (and in fact the opposite of the correct approach). We want to test/adapt/get-things-right in development releases, not throw a totally new bit of code into a CURRENT release and then be afraid of changing it when we discover it's not quite right, because that change will break things for someone.

cbu Okay, yet another item that is on the wish list but isn't a proper Final Release requirement, so I'm withdrawing it.

The development versions currently include an "Experimental Tcl Shell" package, this should be tested wider (perhaps by making it the default "Utils > Tcl Shell" implementation for a while) and then either incorporated into the standard distribution files or removed. cbu

Vince - this isn't going to happen for the next release (well we could move it into ShelMode.tcl, but at the possible expense of stability, which would be a worry). The package is experimental and is meant to illustrate the new composite mode stuff. We need to work on getting that into TeXC/Term/InSh/etc/etc.

cbu - Okay, fine with me. I do think that it should replace the current "Utils > Tcl Shell" menu item when it is activated...

Vince - As well as this we can't really make use of minor-modes in AlphaTcl since people updating from cvs, but using an older version of Alpha 8/X, will find things don't work. Hence we have to wait for the next release anyway.

In bug# 637 [] Dominique has suggested that he has a solution for this. cbu -- This will be addressed in AlphaTcl, but will have to be resolved after the final release, as AlphaTcl 8.0 has already been tagged and only critical bugs will be addressed.

Bug# 1446 HTML Incorrect ending cursor position after ">" typed [] cbu -- INVALID bug

Bug# 1523 "VC (CVS) > Make Writable" launches MacCVS Pro [] cbu -- This will have to be resolved after the final release, as AlphaTcl 8.0 has already been tagged and only critical bugs will be addressed.

Bug# 924 Cmd-` is an OSX binding, conflicts with "Text > Twiddle" [] cbu -- This will have to be resolved after the final release, as AlphaTcl 8.0 has already been tagged and only critical bugs will be addressed.

See bug# 1404 [] Vince cbu (This will be implemented with new core dialogs code.)


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