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Final release schedule

This page contains proposed schedules for final releases.

The next release will be the first public non-beta versions of Alpha8 and AlphaX, the long-awaited 8.0 binaries with AlphaTcl 8.0.1.

cbu has proposed (on 11 April 2005) the following shedule:

  1. Create the next binary as Alpha8/X 8.0fc1
  2. Announce this binary release to AlphaDev for preliminary testing.
  3. The next week, create a full 8.0fc1 distribution, with the new binary + AlphaTcl 8.0.1fc1.
  4. Announce this on all mailing lists.
  5. Assuming no blockers with the release archive, announce this final release candidate on VT and MacUpdate.
  6. Wait 4 weeks (or however long we want) for feedback. During this time there will be no further core changes unless there was something wrong with the compilation process, and no further AlphaTcl changes unless they are new bugs causing a crash or recursive loop and are easily fixed.
  7. Recompile Alpha8/X 8.0 with updated version number.
  8. Announce this on dev list and wait 2-3 days to confirm that there are no complitaion problems with this new archive.
  9. Announce the final release everywhere. Pop champagne bottles.

Yes, I'm proposing that the final release won't be out there (and that Alpha8 won't be formally retired) until the middle or end of May. I'm trying to be realistic, and to ensure that the Macintosh Classic archives have a product whose performance reflects that long hours that have been put into it.

The point of releasing AlphaTcl 8.0.1fc1 with the fc binary is to get people to actually use these for a while, since this particular version of AlphaTcl has not received much attention. If people report new bugs we simply resolve them as duplicates or inform the reporters that the issues will be dealt with in 8.1.


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