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versions of AlphaX in alpha stage are listed in the sections below.


versions of AlphaX in alpha stage are listed in the sections below.

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History of 8.2a

All the basic features introduced in the successive 8.2 development versions of AlphaX in alpha stage are listed in the sections below.

1 Features

1.1 8.2a1d1

1.1.1 New features

The main new features are:

  • a new [action] command to implement the concept of "actions". See the documentation on the wiki:
  • a new [binding] command as a replacement for the old [Bind] command, with actions support. See the documentation on the wiki: <>
  • the [menuRef] and [menuItem] commands introduced in the previous development binary (8.1a5d3) have been modified to take the bindings/actions paradigm into account. The -key, -virtual and -glyph options have been removed FROM THE PREVIOUS IMPLEMENTATION. There is a new -action option with the [menuItem append] and [menuItem insert] commands which lets you attach an action to a menu item. The syntax of the -modifiers option has been modified to follow the more intuitive "cosz" convention (as in the [binding] command). See details on the wiki: <> <>
  • a new experimental [countedPrefixChar] command to create composite bindings with a numerical infix See the documentation on the wiki: <>

1.1.2 Quick summary of the bindings reform

This is a first implementation of the ideas discussed recently on the Alpha-Dev list:

  • There is a new notion of action: abstraction for a piece of Tcl code
  • Now bindings (abstraction for a key combo) point to some action
  • Actions can be attached to menu items
  • If an action is attached to a menu item _and_ if there is a binding pointing to the same action, the key combo defined by this binding is automatically displayed with the menu item

Here are some precisions to make things clear:

  • Several bindings can point to the same action
  • A particular binding points to one and only one action
  • A same action can be attached to several menu items
  • An action cannot be deleted as long as it is attached to menu items
  • When an action is deleted, all the binings pointing to it are deleted
  • If a binding is deleted, the action it pointed to is unaffected
  • if no action is attached to a menu item, the Tcl proc attached to the menu itself is invoked instead of the missing action when the menu item is selected

1.1.3 Important notes

Here is a series of important notes coming from the WCD (Warnings & Caveats Department):

  1. item value=1remember that this is a PROTOTYPE designed only to test the new bindings/actions paradigm. The application is far from being fully functional.
  2. your first surprise will be that there is no shortcut displayed in any menu. The definition of bindings with the metacharacters menu syntax has been disabled. This is on purpose, so that one can really see what has to be done. But wait: it does not mean that there is no binding, I just said that no shortcut is being DISPLAYED. Remember: the bindings may work but shortcuts will appear in the menus only when the menu items have actions attached to them.
  3. the most basic key bindings have been redefined (in Tcl/SystemCode/menusAndKeys.tcl) using the new syntax so that the application can function minimally (arrow keys navigation, delete key, etc.). There certainly are bunches of bindings you're used to which do not currently work, just because they haven't been redefined yet. The old [Bind] command has been disabled on purpose so that we can really see what has to be done on the AlphaTcl side (and realize how much we rely on these bindings!).
  4. if a menu shortcut is not defined, use your mouse ! All the menu items are supposed to be functional.
  5. some bindings have been added here and there so that one can at least use the cut/copy/paste functions, the Tcl shell, or cmd-L to evaluate in Tcl mode.
  6. some test files and help files are provided in order to demonstrate the new system. Please start testing using these files to get the feeling of how it works and then you can experiment with similar instructions.
  7. all the menus of AlphaTcl are still under the previous system (i-e defined with [Menu]): you can experiment though with their items as soon as you find their menu token. For instance you can attach an action to some item, define a binding pointing to the action, etc.
  8. if you plan to start modifying things in AlphaTcl, you should do this in a separate working copy and you should NOT COMMIT any changes to the MAIN branch of the CVS repository at SourceForge. In fact the work on AlphaTcl should be carefully discussed and planified. A new temporary branch should be started in CVS to put this future work under version control. But this is another story.
  9. last but not least: if you create some bindings and they do not work, see if they have not been confiscated by the System: open the Keyboard And Mouse panel in the System Preferences and check that your binding is not already attributed to some system wide feature. These System bindings won't ever be sent to the application: you must disable them if you want them to reach AlphaX.

1.1.4 Internal changes

Here is a summary of the most important internal changes:

  • the proc associated with a menu defined with [menuRef create -command foo], is invoked with TWO arguments: the menu token, the text of the item. I had previously suggested that the item's index be used as the second argument OR be added as a third argument. This still has to be discussed and decided.
  • currently the [Bind] and [ascii] core commands have been turned into no-ops. At some point, they should be obsoleted. It would be easy to define a compatibility definition in AlphaTcl to call into the new [binding] syntax. This is why I did not do the redirection internally: it is certainly better to control this from AlphaTcl.
  • the [Menu] command still works but it has been modified so that it does not create bindings anymore. This means that the metachars syntax has been partially disabled (at least as far as bindings are concerned, the other properties, like marks, icons etc., are still supported).
  • the [bindingList] command has been redirected to [binding list]. At some point, it should be obsoleted.
  • the [menuNames] command has been modified. For menus defined with the [menuRef create] command it returns the token, since these menus do not have a "name". This is a temporary solution: at some point this command could be obsoleted and replaced by [menuRef list].
  • the [describeBinding] command has been modified: it displays a dialog with the token and the text of the action associated with the binding.
  • the [keyAscii] and [keyCode] commands have been modified to return a {modifiers key} string conformant with the new syntax used with the [binding] command.
  • the [prefixChar] command takes the modifiers (including the v flag) of the prefix binding into account. So now a composite binding like "opt-crtl-A B" will be different from "ctrl-A B"
  • the [startEscape] and [iterationCount] commands have been modified to cope with the new bindings.

1.2 8.2a1d2

The main new features are:

  • Instead of binding to an "action", the [binding] command takes a proc name or Tcl code snippet as argument. The [menuItem] command has been modified accordingly (and its -action option renamed -command). <>
  • there are new -help and -creator options for the [binding create] command <>
  • the [binding find] command has been replaced by [binding info (command|help])
  • the [countedePrefixChar] command (introduced in 8.1a1d1) has been renamed [numPrefixChar] which seems more accurate <>

1.3 8.2a1d3

The main new features are:

  • the old [Bind], [unbind] and [ascii] commands have been redefined on top of the new [binding] command. This means that all existing calls to these commands found in AlphaTcl will be automatically redirected to the new syntax and will effectively create the bindings (the previous two prototypes had turned these commands into no-ops which was a bit too drastic).
  • there is a new [menuItem index] command to get the index of an item in a menu. See the documentation on the wiki: <>
  • the [menuRef set] command accepts a new -name option to attach a name to a new menu. This is useful only for a better compatibility with the old system which identified menus by name. <>
  • in the AlphaTcl library provided with this bundle, some packages have been updated in order to demonstrate the use of the new system: MacMenu, Filters Menu, User Menu.
  • internally, the mechanism to handle icon references has been improved and unified. It is now possible to specify (optionnally) a creator for an icon reference in addition to the type in commands such as [menuItem set -icon] or [toolbar set -icon]. See more explanations on the Iconref Command page on the wiki: <>
  • all the improvements and bug fixes made by Jon in his branch (and released as versions 8.1a1 to 8.1a3) have now been incorporated. I hope I did not overlook anything.

1.4 8.2a1d4

The main new features are:

  • modified the [menuItem append] and [menuItem insert] commands so that all the options previously supported by the [menuItem set] command can be applied directly when an item is created. OTOH the [menuItem set] command now supports all the attribute options previously defined in the [menuItem append] and [menuItem insert] commands. IOW all three subcommands accept the same complete set of options. The available options are documented at: <>
  • all menu indices used in the [menuItem] command are now 0-based: the first menu item of a menu is at index 0.
  • menu indices can also use the "end" keyword just like with the usual Tcl list commands. The end([+-]integer)? format is supported in the four commands which take an "index" argument: [menuItem check] [menuItem delete] [menuItem insert] [menuItem set]
  • a new [menuRef clear] command has been added to delete all the items of a given menu. The menu itself is not deleted.
  • in the AlphaTcl library, some packages have been modified to take advantage of the new system; ManipCols, emacs, and dictionary packages (Filters menu and MacMenu had already been upgraded in the previous release).
  • A new branch of development has been created in the CVS repository at SourceForge to control the mutation to the new menu syntax. This branch is named branch-8_2a1d.

1.5 8.2a1d5

Here is the list of the main new features and modifications found in version 8.2a1d5:

  • AlphaX contains the latest released version of Tcl (8.5a6 exactly). The Tcl framework is embedded inside the application's bundle, so it is not necessary to have a Tcl framework installed on your machine in /Library/Frameworks or in /System/Library/Frameworks.
  • the [prefixChar] command now accepts a -prompt argument to specify the prompt string displayed in the status bar as a label for the input field.
  • the undo mechanism is enabled in shell windows (RFE 1473)
  • RFE 1942 ("simplify hook::callForWin syntax") has been implemented
  • there is a new [clearUndo] core command to empty the stack of undoable operations for a specific window. The syntax is clearUndo ?-w win? If -w is not specified, the command applies to the frontmost window.
  • a new mechanism for creating contextual modules has been introduced in AlphaTcl. All the contextual modules have been converted to the new syntax (see complete list below). See the documentation on the wiki:
  • a new hook called dimThreshold has been introduced in AlphaTcl: it is an equivalent of the requireOpenWindowsHook hook, based on menu tokens rather than menu names (thanks Joachim)
  • the layout of the Help menu has been reorganized using submenus in order to make it more compact and to give direct access to the Modes, Menus and Features documentation: it eliminates the need of an intermediary listpick dialog.
  • the [floatMenu] command has been modified: the -menu option now expects a menu token. A new [floatMenu set] subcommand has been introduced to get/set the various parameters of a floating menu. As a consequence, it is not necessary anymore to delete a palette and recreating it in order to modify the geometry. There is also a new [floatMenu find] command. See documentation on the wiki: <>
  • MPW mode has been obsoleted and removed from AlphaTcl
  • the following commands and procs have been obsoleted and are now replaced by the [floatMenu] command:
    • float
    • unfloat
    • closeFloat
    • floatShowHide
    See the documentation on the wiki: <>

In the AlphaTcl library, most menus and submenus are now built using the [menuRef] and [menuItem] commands. Keyboard shortcuts have been redefined using the new [binding] command.

The core menus (File, Edit, Text, Search, Tools, Config) and their submenus (Ascii Etc, File Utilities, Global Setup, Mode Prefs, Packages, Preferences, Tab Conversions, The Pin, Window Utilities).

 alpha::library packages:
  1. item value=1backup 0.3
  2. compare 0.2
  3. helpMenu
  4. identities 0.4
  5. licenseTemplates
  6. mailEudora 2.1
  7. mailSystem 2.1
  8. mailTcllib 2.1
  9. reportABug 1.8
  10. speech 1.4
  11. statusPopupMenus 1.3
  12. supportFolders 1.1

 always-on packages:
  1. item value=1calculator
  2. colorPrefs 0.2
  3. elecCompletions 9.3
  4. elecExpansions 9.3
  5. incrementalSearch
  6. internationalMenus
  7. recentFiles
  8. specialCharacters
  9. spellcheck
  10. supersearch

 The following AlphaTcl packages have also been updated to use 

the new bindings and menus commands:

  1. item value=1addressBook 1.2
  2. Alpha Developer Menu 1.4
  3. AppleScript Mode 2.4
  4. BibTeX Mode 4.5
  5. bibConvert 2.1
  6. bibDelimited 1.1
  7. bibToRefer 1.4
  8. bibToHtml 3.1
  9. clipboardPreferences 1.4
  10. Colors Menu 1.4
  11. contextualMenu 1.4
  12. copyRing 2.2
  13. CSS Mode 3.0
  14. Diff Mode 5.0
  15. dot Mode 0.4 (thanks Joachim!)
  16. Document Projects 2.1
  17. elecCorrections 1.2
  18. Electric Menu 2.2
  19. embrace.tcl 1.2.0 (thanks Joachim!)
  20. Favorites Menu 1.3
  21. fileCompression 1.1
  22. Ftp Menu 1.2
  23. functionComments 1.2
  24. Gnuplot Mode 2.2
  25. Gs Menu 0.2
  26. HTML Mode 4.0
  27. Igor Mode 1.2
  28. javadocComment 0.2
  29. Java Mode 1.3
  30. latexAccents 1.4.0
  31. latexBbToViewport 0.2.0
  32. latexColors 0.6
  33. latexMathbb 1.4
  34. latexSizes 1.1
  35. Lisp Mode 2.4
  36. macros 2.2
  37. Mail Menu 2.1
  38. Make Menu 0.3
  39. Maple Mode 1.2.0 (thanks Joachim!)
  40. Metafont Mode 3.0
  41. Metopost Mode 3.0
  42. m4 Mode 0.2
  43. newDocument 1.1
  44. notes 1.2
  45. openDocument 1.4
  46. Open Windows Menu 1.2b1 (thanks Joachim!)
  47. Postscript Mode 1.1
  48. recentFolders 1.8
  49. Scheme Mode 2.3
  50. Shell Scripts Mode 2.1
  51. Search Paths 1.4
  52. Setext Mode 2.7
  53. SourceForge Menu 0.4
  54. Tcl Mode 3.4
  55. tclproUtils 0.5
  56. TeX Mode 6.1
  57. tetexComm 0.1.3 (thanks Joachim!)
  58. TIP Mode 0.5
  59. XML Mode 0.6
  60. Wiki Menu 1.3
  61. windowUtilities 1.5
  62. windowZoom 1.1.0 (thanks Joachim!)
  63. wwwDictionary 1.2b1
  64. WWW Menu 3.0

 Here is the list of the contextual menus converted to the new menu 

token based model:

 global contextual items and submenus:
  1. item value=1Calculator Item
  2. Look Up In Dictionary Item
  3. Www Search Menu
  4. Alpha Help Menu
  5. Alpha Dev Help Menu
  6. Clip Recorder Menu
  7. Clipboard Menu
  8. Color Style Text Menu
  9. Compress Menu
  10. Create Hyperlink Menu
  11. Favorites Menu
  12. Format Menu
  13. Mac File Manips Menu
  14. Mac System Menu
  15. Mac Window Menu
  16. Mode Menu
  17. New Document Menu
  18. Open Document Menu
  19. Open Recent Menu
  20. Notes Menu
  21. Recent Dirs Menu
  22. Recent Files Menu
  23. Related Files Menu
  24. Save ACopy In Menu
  25. Save In Menu
  26. Show In Finder Menu
  27. Special Characters Menu
  28. Speech Menu
  29. Spelling Menu
  30. Text Utilities Menu
  31. Vcs Menu
  32. Window Clips Menu
  33. Window Marks Menu
  34. Window Path Menu
  35. Wrap Menu
  36. Www Dictionary Menu
  37. Open Windows Menu
  38. Recent Folders Menu

 mode specific contextual items and submenus:
  1. item value=1Edit TagÉItem HTML
  2. Follow Link Item HTML
  3. Page Back Item WWW
  4. Page Forward Item WWW
  5. Process Menu
  6. Alpha Dev Utils Menu
  7. Alpha Tcl Cvs Menu
  8. Bib Entry Menu
  9. Bib Fields Menu
  10. Bib Mode Acronyms Menu
  11. Bib Mode Files Menu
  12. Bib Mode Options Menu
  13. Bib Window Menu
  14. Bookmarks Menu
  15. Core Commands Menu
  16. Default Entry Fields Menu
  17. Go To Page Menu
  18. Html Attributes Menu
  19. Mail Window Menu
  20. New Message To Menu
  21. Searching Menu
  22. Sort Bib File By Menu
  23. Sort Bib Marks Menu
  24. Tcl Procs Menu
  25. Tcl Vars Menu
  26. Tcl Window Menu
  27. Www Links Menu
  28. Www Window Menu
  29. Related Te XCommands Menu (TeX)
  30. Related Te XCommands Menu (Bib)

Thanks to Joachim for updating:

  • dot Mode 5.0
  • tetexComm.tcl 0.1.3
  • embrace.tcl

1.6 8.2a1d6

The main new features are:

  • installed global mechanism for updating the old style preferences. Script prefsUpdater.tcl will be executed only once.
  • fixed wrong return value in the core [floatMenu] command
  • introduced support for user defined shortcuts. See documentation on the wiki:

Installed the new menu shortcuts mechanism in many packages in AlphaTcl:

  • Menus/AlphaDev Menu/alphaDeveloperMenu.tcl
  • Menus/Filters Menu/filtersMenu.tcl
  • Menus/colorsMenu.tcl
  • Menus/electricMenu.tcl
  • Menus/macMenu/macMenu.tcl
  • Modes/AppleScript Mode
  • Modes/HTML and CSS Modes
  • Modes/Metafont Mode
  • Modes/Metapost Mode
  • Modes/PostScript Mode
  • Modes/TclTk Mode
  • Modes/latex Mode
  • Packages/favoritesMenu.tcl
  • Packages/fileUtils.tcl
  • Packages/functionComments.tcl
  • Packages/macros.tcl
  • Packages/manipCols.tcl
  • Packages/notes.tcl
  • Packages/openDocument.tcl
  • Packages/speakText.tcl
  • Packages/specialCharacters.tcl
  • SystemCode/CorePackages/help.tcl
  • SystemCode/CorePackages/spellcheck.tcl
  • SystemCode/alphaMenus.tcl

1.7 8.2a1d7

The main new features are:

  • embed version 8.5b2 of the Tcl framework (released on 27/10/07)

1.8 8.2a2d1

The main new features are:

  • the application bundle contains version 8.5.0 of the Tcl framework (officially released on 2007/12/20). It is a Universal build of the framework.
  • all the extensions shipped inside the bundle are Universal
    Mk4tcl, tclAE, Tcladdressbook, Tclresource, and Tclgestalt have been specially recompiled with the latest sources because they contain patches and modifications for the Intel support. The other extensions are the builds provided with the Tcl installed by the Mac OS X 10.4.10 system.
  • many internal changes have been made in the code in order to make it handle endianness correctly.
  • added an 'icns' resource of ID 333 with the icon for Subversion

1.9 8.2a2d2

The main new features are:

  • removed the applicationMenuHook hook. It is not needed anymore since the Application menu is directly accessible
  • SVN console and SVN menu (thanks Joachim)
  • new version of M2 mode based on the new menu syntax (thanks Andreas)
  • revamped S+/R mode (thanks Andreas)

1.10 8.2a2d3

The main new features are:

  • updated the embedded Tcl framework to the new 8.5.1 version (released on 2008-02-05)
  • major overhaul of the Filesets menu to take advantage of the new menu syntax
  • converted statistical modes to new bindings and menu syntax (Stata, SAS, SPSS modes)
  • converted Perl menu to new syntax
  • modified Lisp and Scheme menus to keep in synch with the syntax used in the very similar statistical modes
  • characters flashing is now done synchronously instead of using a timer
  • separated xml, dtd and xsl modes
  • minor improvements in Ruby mode (mark file proc and basic electrics)
  • introduced User Menu Shortcuts in Setext, Lisp, Scheme, and Xml modes

1.11 8.2a3d1

Main new features:

  • the application contains version 8.5.2 of the Tcl framework (released on 2008-03-28)
  • AlphaX now supports long file names and Unicode file names
  • the mechanism for rebuilding AlphaTcl and Tcl indices has been entirely revamped. See detailed information on the Wiki: Development/AlphaIndices
  • AlphaX can now be launched from a read-only volume such as a disk image or a CD-ROM
  • the maximum number of duplicate windows (windows with the same name) has been increased to 99
  • the [getfile] and [get_directory] commands have been renamed [getFile] and [getDirectory]. They both accept the new following options ?-prompt <str>? ?-openPackages (0|1)? ?-showInvisibleFiles (0|1)? and [getFile] also supports the -types option. The old commands have been defined in AlphaTcl as procs mapping to the new ones for backward compatibility.
  • redefined [putfile] command as [getLocation] command with the following syntax getLocation ?-prompt <str>? ?-openPackages (0|1)? ?-showInvisibleFiles (0|1)? ?-warn (0|1)? [<path>]
  • new [getVolume] command. The syntax is: getVolume ?-prompt <str>?
  • modified [getNamedMarks] and [getTMarks]. The output format has been modified : the path which was the second item of each sublist has been removed. It is not used anywhere in AlphaTcl and anyway it is useless since we know the window the commands apply to. The doc in "Alpha Commands" has been updated (and corrected because its description was wrong).

1.12 8.2a3d2

1.13 8.2a3d3

1.14 8.2a3d4

The main new features are:

  • AlphaX now puts both TEXT (macRoman) and Unicode on the scrap when a copy or cut command is executed. Ditto with the [putScrap] command.
  • AlphaX has undergone some internal changes : messages are more explanatory when a command fails because it does not find a window
  • in AlphaTcl, the mechanism to declare interface names for modes has been reorganized (thanks Joachim)

1.15 8.2a3d5

The main new features are:

  • the window splitting capacity has been reimplemented and enhanced: it is now possible to split a window either horizontally or vertically into as many subpanes as desired.
  • new [winPane] command to split a window and handle subpanes. The syntax is: winPane -w $win subcommand ?options? The current subcommands are: count, delete, index, next, prev, select, split. Splitting can be horizontal or vertical. See detailed information on the Wiki: Commands/WinPaneCommand
  • removed the [toggleScrollbar] command. The -attr option in [new] and [openFile] allows to create a window without a horizontal scrollbar.
  • removed the [otherPane] command. Use [winPane select] instead.
  • the Exchange Point & Pin feature now works at the pane level and has been made more reliable.
  • the commands [moveInsertionHere], [scrollDownLine], [scrollLeftCol], [scrollRightCol], and [scrollUpLine] now accept the "-w win" option to specify the window on which they operate. This feature was documented in Alpha Commands but was not actually implemented. Conversely, the [scrollDownLine], [scrollLeftCol], [scrollRightCol], [scrollUpLine] commands accept a "num" argument to specify the amount of scrolling which was not documented: the Alpha Commands file has been updated. The syntax is:
    • moveInsertionHere [-w <win>] [-last]
    • scrollDownLine [-w <win>] ?num?
    • scrollLeftCol [-w <win>] ?num?
    • scrollRightCol [-w <win>] ?num?
    • scrollUpLine [-w <win>] ?num?
  • the [paste] command has been renamed [alpha::pasteRegion] and now returns a list of two elements representing the start and end positions of the pasted text. This was requested in Bug/RFE 2098 and 2099.
  • removed the [addAlphaChars] command which had already been marked as obsoleted. See Bug/RFE 2061.

1.16 8.2a3d6

The main new features are:

  • the syntax of the [winPane] command has been slightly modified. See doc on the Wiki: Commands/WinPaneCommand
  • the MENU resource 1252 corresponding to the VCS popup is now an empty menu. This popup menu is now populated by AlphaTcl.
  • updated the Tcl framework to the latest version 8.5.3.

2 Bug fixes

2.1 8.2a1d1

Fixed bug where window is not redrawn after a manual resize.

2.2 8.2a1d2

2.3 8.2a1d3

  • fixed an encoding issue when the menu proc associated with a newly defined menu was invoked
  • fixed a crashing bug when a binding was redefined identically with a same action uniquely referenced

2.4 8.2a1d4

  • fixed the bug in the [Bind] command re-implementation concerning support for the <e> modifier character
  • fixed the bug in the [unBind] command re-implementation where a spurious argument was being passed
  • fixed the [Bind] command to accept the use of '\r' to designate the Return key

2.5 8.2a1d5

  • fixed bugs in userMenu.tcl, manipCols.tcl, and filtersMenu.tcl related to the change from 1-based to 0-based indices
  • fixed crashing bug in the function creating the Application Support folders

2.6 8.2a1d6

  • fixed crashing bug when selecting an item from the title bar path menu
  • fixed Special Keys dialog
  • fixed bug with Copy Ring activation
  • fixed bug with Open Windows Hook in HTML mode
  • fixed bug with Tcladdressbook extension which did not provide a correct package number
  • fixed bug with empty Processes submenu in TeX mode (contextual menu declaration came too early and prevented its construction)
  • fixed wrong return value in the core [floatMenu] command
  • fixed unwanted insertion of some mode menus in the menu bar (AppleScript and Diff mode).

2.7 8.2a1d7

  • fixed bug where selection in the popup menu of the Customize Tolbar dialog was ignored.
  • fixed bug 2246 "supersearch replaceAll in multi files changes encoding"

2.8 8.2a2d1

2.9 AlphaTcl bugs

  • the following AlphaTcl packages have been debugged
    • Notes Menu
    • Favorites Menu
    • Function Comments
    • Electric Menu
    • Open Documents
    • License Templates
    • LaTeX Macros
    • Macros
    • LaTeX mode
    • HTML mode
    • Tcl mode
    • BibTeX mode
    • International Menus
    • User Menu

2.10 AlphaX core bugs

  • fixed bug where a cached pointer to a binding was not removed when a command is detached from a menu item
  • fixed (Intel) issue with len in embedded calls: it affected tclCmd_PutScrap and some menuItem commands
  • fixed Titl popup menu bug
  • fixed Window Path contextual menu
  • fixed binding/menubinding display issue after selection via Set button

2.11 8.2a2d2

  • fixed crash in About Box on Intel machines (function GetPicture() does not flip the rect)
  • fixed endianness bug in [nameFromApp] and [switchTo] commands
  • removed spurious alertnote posted by the core when a prefs dialog is cancelled
  • fixed bug in tclAE with wrong AppleScript terminology on Intel machines due to endianness issues
  • fixed Application menu item commands which were not executed due to the applicationMenuHook
  • fixed build proc of WWW menu
  • fixed User menu which did not remove itself from the menu bar
  • fixed endianness issues in AppleScript mode (ASTerminology.tcl)
  • fixed Change Icon command in Latex menu
  • fixed Sectioning and Documents submenus in Latex menu
  • fixed missing menu shortcuts in Latex menu
  • fixed startup bug when prefs folder does not exist (thanks Joachim)
  • fixed alphac search path

2.12 8.2a2d3

  • fixed wrong dimming of "Save As" and "Revert To Saved" commands
  • fixed many bugs in the "Check Keywords" mechanism in Lisp, S, Sas, Scheme, Setext, Spss, and Stata modes
  • fixed drawing bug when a file was edited from a console set to a different font size (GrafPort was not preserved in [refresh])
  • fixed crashing bug in TextRedrawFromPos(). A block of code related to characters flashing had been accidentally removed
  • fixed block cursor issue which was erasing characters on its way. The mechanism needs reworking though.
  • fixed issue of bindings being deleted when restoring shortcuts sharing the same set of combos
  • fixed issue of non-sticking user shortcuts in newDocuments.tcl (there was a typo)

2.13 8.2a3d1

  • fixed a bug (due to a typo) in [getFileInfo] where the value corresponding to the "modified" key was overwritten by the value of the "hidden" key and the latter was missing
  • fixed a bug in [savePostHook]: the title of the file info popup should be updated when a [saveAs] command has modified the line terminations
  • fixed the bug concerning file type preferences which are not updated correctly after a selection with the Set button
  • partially fixed the display bug where characters show through the popup menus when a window is resized to smaller dimensions

2.14 8.2a3d2

  • fixed new executeHook function where arguments were not properly quoted
  • fixed a similar issue in the dndHook function
  • moved [alpha::checkRebuildPermissions] from rebuilding.tcl to rebuildAlphaTcl.tcl to fix startup error experienced in a3d1

2.15 8.2a3d3

  • fixed crashing bug when calling [revert] after an SVN update
  • fixed crashing bug caused by confusion beytween string and format in messaging functions
  • fixed fileMovedHook not being called because of missed initialization of the alias handle

2.16 8.2a3d4

  • fixed the bug with dead keys on US keyboard where the 'opt-e + e' combo did not produce the e-acute.
  • fixed key bindings confusion when switching between different keyboards at the system level.
  • fixed bug using [edit] with a -c or a -w option: the options were lost in the aevt/odoc AppleEvent due to an endianness problem.
  • fixed error thrown when opening a stationary file due to [setWinInfo] unable to find the window
  • the following bugs in Bugzilla have been addressed and marked as fixed
    • 27 -- Path lengths are too short (either 127 or 255 characters)
    • 499 -- Menus which are used twice are disabled
    • 568 -- RFE: Allow [insertMenuItem/menu::insert] to specify proc for that item
    • 846 -- [tclAE::build::alis] error on start-up after cvs update
    • 863 -- getScrap [putScrap ""] throws an error
    • 1055 -- RFE: make popup mode menu wider than 4 characters
    • 1138 -- uffixes MacCVS complain about
    • 1254 -- ! when bound to a menu item does not appear in the menu
    • 1473 -- RFE: allow undo in shell windows
    • 1477 -- RFE: Eliminate the -c flag to [edit]
    • 1489 -- Fileset menu throws internal error with ill-defined
    • 1549 -- Menu bindings spontaneously broken?
    • 1659 -- Unicode clipboard handling
    • 1781 -- [getScrap] throws error with 'empty' Clipboard after system reboot
    • 1805 -- "Nice" conflict between menu names
    • 1818 -- winChangeNameHook chokes on window names with high-bit chars
    • 1828 -- Encoding issue in HexDump
    • 1840 -- [MacMenu] Move Files only moves one file if destination exists
    • 1958 -- Drag'n'drop broken when the file path contains accented characters
    • 1972 -- crash when moving file from path with accented letters
    • 1973 -- alphac ([edit]) fails when accented letters are involved
    • 1995 ---2000 Problems getting service setting to stick
    • 2035 -- Various menu-related commands crash Alpha when called during [quitHook]
    • 2067 -- [win::Current] should be defined in the core
    • 2068 -- Remove obsolete core commands from AlphaX
    • 2069 -- [icURL] should be renamed [alpha::executeURL]
    • 2070 -- [splitWindow] should be renamed [toggleSplitWindow]
    • 2071 -- [tclLog] calls in the core should be [alpha::stderr]
    • 2072 -- [menu::inserted] core command keeps track of inserted menus
    • 2077 -- RFE: Define [status::flash] in the core to change status bar color
    • 2079 -- Various [revert] bugs to be fixed in the core
    • 2080 -- AlphaX Home Page link is obsolete
    • 2082 -- Resolve [float] and [unfloat] issues in "coreFixes.tcl"
    • 2083 -- bad screen drawing on resume
    • 2105 -- crashes when windows are closed
    • 2112 -- Package specific item in important global dialogue!
    • 2116 -- RFE: Move "Wrap" setting option to "Window Info" pop-up
    • 2122 -- file changed name yields errors
    • 2130 -- RFE: Filenames with 256 characters
    • 2131 -- "choose file name" dialog crash
    • 2133 -- Stationery document error
    • 2139 -- funky menu insertion: [addMenuItem -l "<O<U/7" Config "test7" 7]
    • 2142 -- [enableMenuItem] doesn't always throw an error
    • 2144 -- AlphaX and Alphatk have inconsistent "platform" options in [getWinInfo]
    • 2156 -- Running a filter changes settings in the search dialog
    • 2159 -- Incorrect undo warning dialog when running a filter
    • 2167 -- Crash trying to cancel proxy drag to same document
    • 2172 -- RFE: When no Filter is selected, prompt to pick one
    • 2174 -- RFE: Remove "press modifier keys..." message when selecting menubar menu
    • 2175 -- just quit for no reason
    • 2177 -- RFE: Update menubar icon used for Fileset Menu
    • 2180 -- RFE: two suggestions for the "Recent Files" fileset
    • 2187 -- RFE: Enhanced API for creating and modifying AlphaTcl menu lists
    • 2189 -- [putScrap] saves clipboard item differently than [alpha::copyRegion]?
    • 2190 -- core bug: unknown window
    • 2202 -- RFE: Define "Warning For Obsolete Procs" in "alphaDefinitions.tcl"
    • 2204 -- Truncated "seconds" string in [mtime [now] short]
    • 2205 -- [lcontain] not found after manual index rebuilding
    • 2210 -- TeXPrefs.tcl sourced too soon?
    • 2215 -- [puts] in Tcl Shell gives too many blank lines
    • 2216 -- Crash when accidently switched to kotoeri
    • 2221 -- Shortcut to EditLastFile gives you a ErrorMessage with "recentMulti::Files" variable problem
    • 2222 -- downcaseWord ussues an internal error when at the end of the text
    • 2225 -- AlphaX Crashes on Quit
    • 2233 -- TeX Search Paths inconsistencies
    • 2234 -- Common TeXing error
    • 2236 -- Can't create Favorite of type "Web Page"
    • 2237 -- RFE: The Set button in dialogs should allow to select an application bundle
    • 2239 -- RFE: Allow choosing preferred mode for suffix
    • 2241 -- Kotoeri kan kause krash
    • 2244 -- RFE: eliminate manual index rebuilding
    • 2247 -- RFE: Remove Tclextensions from AlphaTcl directory
    • 2248 -- html doc with xml magig first line enter xml mode
    • 2250 -- minimised window confusion
    • 2253 -- fileset menu not properly updated due to stale cache
    • 2254 -- closeAll error with diff windows
    • 2257 -- Opening .bib file causes crash
    • 2261 -- Modifying Use Dynamic Menus option ruins the menus
    • 2262 -- Torn-off menus do not show dynamic items
    • 2263 -- 'can't read "keys::specialProcs(nth Stop)"' after SVN Developer Update
    • 2265 -- RFE: Interface names in init scripts
    • 2266 -- procs not found after rebuilding

2.17 8.2a3d5

  • fixed crashing bug in [menuNames]
  • fixed crashing bug when deleting a selection leaves an empty page
  • fixed issue with spurious terminating NULL byte put on the scrap in the TEXT flavour
  • fixed copy/cut/paste shortcuts in dialogs on Leopard
  • Bug 1177: "Contextual Menus, split pane windows"
  • Bug 1940: "Thanks HAL when opening help file without write permission"
  • Bug 1989: "[windowVisibility] bug leads to funky window closing behavior after a Compare operation"
  • Bug 2049: "mousePos is buggy"
  • Bug/RFE 2061: "Obsolete the [addAlphaChars] command"
  • Bug/RFE 2098: "[alpha::pasteRegion] should return list of rectangular selection positions"
  • Bug/RFE 2099: "Resolve [cut|copy|paste] issues in 'coreFixes.tcl'"
  • Bug 2269: "[puts stdout] does a round of substitution"
  • Bug 2271: "nextLineSelect doesn't match nextLine"

2.18 8.2a3d6

  • fixed unfortunate typo which prevented correct update of the selEnd value and affected the behavior of the following commands: [backwardCharSelect], [beginningLineSelect], [endBufferSelect], [endLineSelect], [forwardCharSelect], [nextLineSelect], [prevLineSelect].

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