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History of 8.2b

All the basic features introduced in the successive 8.2 development versions of AlphaX in beta stage are listed in the sections below.

1 Features

1.1 8.2b1 features

The main new features are:

  • the Status Bar is now using the HIView and Carbon Events model. From the user's standpoint, this should be totally transparent but it had many internal implications. In particular, the design of the input mode commands has been reorganized for a better control of nested commands and reentrancy issues. This concerns the following commands: [betterStatusPrompt], [describeBinding], [prefixChar], [regPrefixChar], [startEscape], [execute], [iterationCount], [statusPrompt]
  • the integrated Subversion support is now available via the VCS popup. This concerns file specific or project specific commands: more general commands related to SVN are available via a new package which inserts a Subversion submenu in the Tools menu.
  • some non VCS-related items ("Show in Finder" and "File Info...") have been removed from the VCS popup. They are available in the File Info popup.
  • the "AlphaTcl SVN" submenu has been removed from the AlphaDev menu. The commands to upgrade AlphaTcl from the SVN repository are now available in a new "Upgrade AlphaTcl" submenu found in Config > Global Setup.
  • the "Support Folders" submenu has been removed from the AlphaDev menu and converted to a separate package which inserts this submenu in the Tools menu. This allows to activate this feature without having to turn on the entire AlphaDev menu and makes the latter a bit less cumbersome.

1.2 8.2b2 features

The main new features are:

  • updated the internal Tcl framework to 8.5.4
  • minor changes in the Svn support engine to make it more cautious and ask user confirmation (thanks Joachim)

1.3 8.2b3 features

The main new features are:

  • the [setFontsTabs] command can be used with arguments setFontsTabs ?-w win? ?-font name? ?-fontsize size? ?-tabsize tab? This had been accidentally disabled in recent versions of AlphaX
  • a new version of DIffBOA is provided in the Tools folder: this is version 1.2b1. It fixes issues reported in Bug 2284 related to binary files. This new version of DiffBOA is built as a Universal application (both for PPC and Intel machines). In order to make sure it is used by the diff commands provided by AlphaX, you should remove any previous versions from your installation.

1.4 8.2b4 features

The main new features are:

  • misc fixes by Joachim in SVN console, tetexComm package (thanks)
  • misc fixes by Craig in Mail menu, Calc mode, Copy Ring package (thanks)
  • "TeX format reform" completed (RFE 2187)
  • removed the Config menu from the menu bar: all its former submenus are now found in the application menu (AlphaX menu, next to the Apple menu)
  • floating menus associated with a menu built by an update proc are now correctly populated: previously the float would be empty if the menu had never been opened.
  • updated the documentation of some packages: Mac Menu, Filters Menu, ManipCols, User Menu.
  • updated all the references to the old Config menu in the doc
  • updated some URLs and commands in the SourceForge menu
  • the Unix links are now correctly resolved in the Notes folder. It concerns Unix soft links, not Finder aliases (there still is some work to do).

1.5 8.2b5 features

The main new features are:

1.6 8.2b6 features

The main new features are:

  • included version 8.5.5 of the Tcl framework (released 15-10-2008)
  • misc improvements in Find dialog: built-in filesets listed first in MultiFiles panel
  • improved DOCTYPE declaration in HTML mode (contributed by Philip Ring, thanks!)
  • reorganized and enhanced the XML mode. The various features are now implemented via xserv services: checking well-formedness, checking DTD syntax, validation against various schemas (DTD, Relax NG and W3C XML Schema), XSL transformations, canonicalization. Several xserv implementations have been defined, based on the tDom extension, and on the xmllint, xmlstarlet, sablotron command line tools.
  • reverted the previous scrolling behavior associated with [insertText] and fixed the redraw bug differently.
  • introduced a new glyph for the space character in menu shortcuts instead of the non-visible space drawn previously.
  • new [prevPos] core command keeping systematically track of the previous position wrt the current position (see bug 2294). The syntax is: prevPos [-w win] The AlphaTcl library now has a new proc [HiliteToPrevious] available in the The Pin submenu of the Search menu.
  • [hiliteToPin] and [exchangePointAndPin] are not core commands anymore. They are defined as procs in AlphaTcl.
  • the keyboard shortcut for the "Set Pin" command is now ctrl-cmd-Space, since the previous (ctrl-Space) is reserved by OS X for the Spotlight search field. A "Ctrl-X Ctrl-X" binding has been defined for [exchangePointAndPin] (this is the binding used by emacs).
  • the mechanism controlling the blinking cursor has been modified in order to (hopefully) fix drawing issues with the block cursor.
  • there is a new global preference "Toolbar Visible" to decide if the toolbar should be initially visible or not when a new document window is opened. The oval button is still present in the title bar of the window in order to show/hide the toolbar at any time. There is a new "Toggle Toolbar" command in the Open Windows menu (RFE 2312).
  • the commands of the File popup located in the toolbar are now also available as a submenu named "Window Info" in the Open Windows menu.

1.7 8.2b7 features

The main new features are:

  • added new [gotoColumn] command similar to the [gotoLine] command. It is equivalent to clicking on the column indicator at the bottom of the document windows. The syntax is: gotoColumn [-w <win>]

1.8 8.2b8 features

The main new features are:

  • new [sheet], [modeless], [drawer] commands to create and manipulate sheet dialogs and drawers attached to a specific window. They use the same syntax as the [dialog] command but have an additional -window option to specify the window they are attached to (by default, the frontmost window). They are documented in the file "Dialogs Help.pdf." There are also new commands [hideDialog], [showDialog], and [killDialog] which operate on the token returned by the [modeless], [sheet], or [drawer] commands.
  • new [setFontInfoForSelection] command The syntax is setFontInfoForSelection ?-callback <callback>? <style> See complete documentation in "Alpha Commands".
  • new Bug Reporter package introducing a new, simplified interface for bugs and suggestions reporting at Alpha-Bugzilla. This is experimental. There is a new submenu named "Bug Reports" in the Help menu. The "Report A Bug", etc. commands now open directly a report window with a specific toolbar. This is documented in the "Alpha-Bugzilla Help" file.
  • added new Fonts item to the toolbar and an automatic window activation hook ([style::activateHook] in alphaHooks.tcl
  • new "style" preference type. Example: newPref style someStyle {Font {Lucida Handwriting} Size 36}
  • new [unicodeNormalize] command to apply normalization (as defined in the Unicode Standard Annex #15) to the Unicode internal representation of a string. The syntax is unicodeNormalize form string The possible values for the 'form' argument are:
    • FormC Canonical Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition
    • FormKC Compatibility Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition
    • FormD Canonical Decomposition
    • FormKD Compatibility Decomposition
  • the [toolbar] command has been enhanced. It is now possible to create new toolbars to attach to a window. The new subcommands are: [toolbar new] to create a new toolbar, [toolbar list] to get the list of the existing toolbar tokens and [toolbar which] to get or set the toolbar attached to a particular window. Each toolbar can have its own set of toolbar items. Most of the other [toolbar] subcommands support a new [-bar] option to indicate which toolbar they operate on. The page on the wiki documenting the [toolbar] command has been entirely updated:
  • the [new] and [openFile] core commands and the [edit] proc now support a new -toolbar option to specify which toolbar to attach to the new window.
  • added a new No Toolbar Button attribute (=8192=2^13) to the window attributes in order to create a window without the top right oblong button used to show or hide the toolbar.
  • there is a new -select option for toolbar items to control the selected state of the item.
  • the [toolbar set] command now supports the -w option to specify that some settings should be applied to a specific window, rather than to all the windows containing a given toolbar. Only the following properties can be set on a per-window basis: enable, canRemove and select.
  • the [toolbar customize] command now supports the -w option (this was previously documented but not implemented!).
  • the -remove option for toolbar items has been more accurately renamed -canRemove. The -lock option in the [toolbar configure] command has been renamed -locked.
  • added new predefined tokens for built-in toolbar items: "separator", "space", and "flexible". They allow to insert respectively a vertical bar, a space and a flexible space.
  • the [toolbar index] command now supports a new option -all to return a list of all the matching indices in case an item has multiple instances in the toolbar.
  • made some improvements in the Mac Infos submenu of Mac Menu: it can now report informations about bundled applications, can handle different processes with the same name. Contextual system module reports info about current application and current process. Fixed bugs 2235 and 2237.
  • the following modes have been converted to the new menu and bindings syntax:
    • batMode.tcl
    • camlMode.tcl
    • clanMode.tcl
    • fortranMode.tcl
    • matlabMode.tcl
    • scilabMode.tcl
    • eeMenu.tcl

1.9 8.2b9 features

The main new features are:

  • added a confirmation dialog before a bug report is submitted by the Bug Reporter.
  • the application contains a new version of DiffBOA (1.3) which fixes a problem with percent escapes introduced in file names containing white spaces (see bug 2340).

1.10 8.2b10 features

The main new features are:

  • installed, inside the bundle, the last official version of the tcllib library (1.11.1 released 2008-12-15)
  • included a new version of TclAE (2.0.4) which fixes bugs 2362 and 2363.
  • included a new version of the DiffBOA application (1.3.1). The output messages are now exactly the same as with the GNU diff tool.
  • included a new version of the TclAddressBook extension (1.2.2) which fixes issues with the [addressbook set] command in case of illformatted multidict values. It also enhances the [addressbook search] command, and extends the [addressbook label] command to group records.
  • renamed the old "Power Thumb" preference as "Live Tracking" and implemented it. If it is equal to 1, scrollbars perform dynamic tracking. Otherwise they perform static tracking: the contents do not move while the thumb is dragged and a ghost thumb follows the mouse. (in previous 8.2xxx versions, there was only dynamic tracking).
  • enabled the "Scroll To Here" behavior (which can be set in the OS X Appearance preferences).
  • the Set Fonts Tabs dialog has been replaced by two separate commands in the Window menu: "Set Tab Size" and "Show Font Panel". The [setFontsTabs] core command is now defined as a proc in AlphaTcl.
  • the Setup Assistant is not presented automatically anymore at startup of a new version. It can still be invoked from the Global Setup menu.
  • the [launch] and [processes] commands are not core commands anymore. They are defined as procs in AlphaTcl, based respectively on the [tclAE::launch] and [tclAE::processes] commands defined by the tclAE extension. With [tclAE::launch], it is possible to launch an application by signature, by name or by bundle ID.

1.11 8.2b11 features

1.12 8.2b12 features

The version 8.2b12 introduces a new command [hiview] designed to build all kinds of windows (dialogs, document windows, sheet windows, etc) containing GUI elements, widgets or controls. This command relies on the HIView hierarchical model and composited drawing.

The following kinds of root windows can be built with the [hiview] command:

  • dialog
  • document
  • drawer
  • float
  • help
  • overlay
  • plain
  • sheet
  • simple
  • toolbar
  • utility

The root windows can contain the following kinds of subviews:

  • bevelbutton
  • chasingarrows
  • checkbox
  • checkgroupbox
  • clock
  • columnview
  • combobox
  • disclosurebutton
  • disclosuretriangle
  • edittext
  • groupbox
  • icon
  • imageview
  • imagewell
  • listview
  • littlearrows
  • placard
  • popuparrow
  • popupbutton
  • popupgroupbox
  • progressbar
  • pushbutton
  • pushiconbutton
  • radiobutton
  • radiogroup
  • relevancebar
  • roundbutton
  • scrollbar
  • scrollview
  • searchfield
  • segmentedview
  • separator
  • slider
  • statictext
  • tabbedview
  • textview
  • userpane
  • webview
  • windowheader

This command lets you create and manipulate root windows and subviews via subcommands. Possible subcommands are:

  • hiview add parent token ?token...?
  • hiview children token
  • hiview configure token option
  • hiview configure token option value ?option value...?
  • hiview create type ?-parent token? ?option value? ?option value...?
  • hiview delete token
  • hiview focus clear root
  • hiview focus get root
  • hiview focus set root token
  • hiview hide token
  • hiview kind ?(-class|-type)? token
  • hiview list (roots|views)
  • hiview move token dx dy
  • hiview parent ?(-root|-view)? token
  • hiview refresh token
  • hiview remove parent token ?token...?
  • hiview root kind ?option value? ?option value...?
  • hiview show ?(-w win|-parent parentToken)? token
  • hiview subview (first|last|next|previous|index) token

Complete information about the [hiview] command can be found in the file "Hiview Help.html" accessible from the "Help > Developer Help" menu.

There is also a demo which can be launched from the Help menu. The source code for this demo can be found in the file $HOME/Examples/Hiview-Example.tcl.

1.13 8.2b13 features

The main new features are:

The [hiview] command has undergone the following modifications:

  • there is a new -items option supported by subviews of type bevelbutton, popupbutton and popupgroupbox: it allows to specify directly a list of items for the menu attached to these controls. It may be simpler, in some cases, than creating a menu and passing the menu token via the -menu option.

1.14 8.2b14 features

The main new features are:

  • Added new subcommand [hiview valid] to check if an hiview or hiroot token is still valid
  • The [listpick] command has been rewritten. The dialog uses a databrowser for the list view and supports Unicode. It is entirely compatible with the old command and supports a few more options. The syntax is: listpick ?-height <num>? ?-width <num>? ?-attributes <num>? ?-indices? ?(-l | -multiValue)? ?-L <defaultsList>? ?-ok <str>? ?-cancel <str>? ?-prompt <str>? ?-header <str>? ?--? itemsList
  • The SourceForge menu has been updated to reflect the new organization of the SourceForge site.

1.15 8.2b15 features

The main new features are:

  • implemented type-select in the new [listpick] dialogs
  • enhanced the [floatMenu] command and fixed some glitches. There is a new option -dynamic which tells if the floating menu should be updated automatically qhen the corresponding menu is modified. There is a new [floatMenu refresh] subcommand to rebuild a floating menu programmatically when the -dynamic option is off. See documentation on the Wiki: Commands/FloatMenuCommand
  • the internal management of named marks and temporary marks has been entirely revamped. The marks commands now support Unicode strings and are now stored on a per-window basis (the previous mechanism kept all the marks of all windows in a single chain of structs). Named marks and temporary marks are kept separately in order to avoid naming conflicts.
  • the (unused) core command [isMarkAt] has been removed and is now defined as the Tcl proc [tmark::isAt]. It supports the -w argument.
  • the return value of [getTMarks] has been modified: it now returns a list of pairs containing the mark name and its associated position. The previous specification for this command was not accurate.
  • the unused and undocumented core command [gotoNamedMark] has been removed. The same functionality is offered by [gotoMark] used with no name argument.
  • there is a new "statusBarFontSize" preference which lets you specify the size of the font used to display the status messages and input field. The status bar is resized automatically so that the text fits in the fields.
  • the [listpick] command can now display multi-column data. The number of column is spcified with the new -num option.
  • the experimental "applicationMenuHook" introduced in version 8.1a5d2 has been removed. It was never used and instead we now have direct access to the application menu via the [menuRef] and [menuItem] commands.
  • improved interface for the "Choose A Window..." command. It now displays a list view with the corresponding shortcuts.

1.16 8.2b16 features

The main new features are:

  • the type-select behavior in the [listpick] command is now case insensitive. This also applies to [hiview] list views.
  • the Enter key validates [listpick] dialogs (like the Return key)
  • no horizontal scrollbar in "Choose A Window" dialog

1.17 8.2b17 features

The main new features are:

  • added a 'Close Other Panes' command in the Split popup.
  • upgraded the embedded Tcl framework to version 8.5.8 (released 2009-11-17)
  • added new Rdoc mode to edit source documentation files for the statistical program R. This mode provides syntax colouring, file marking and installs a menu with commands to convert an ".Rd" file to text, to Html and to LaTeX. Three submenus allow to insert the various macros supported in ".Rd" files.
  • better control of autoscrolling speed: speed increases with the distance from the text frame.
  • mouse wheel support is now implemented at the text panes level rather than on the entire document windows. If a window is split in several panes, moving the mouse wheel will scroll the text of the pane which is under the mouse pointer, no matter whether this pane is the current pane or not.

1.18 8.2b18 features

1.19 8.2b19 features

The main new features are:

  • the [alpha::pasteRegion] now supports an -r option to specify "rectangular pasting". This is bound to opt-cmd-V. After a copy or cut operation on a rectangular selection, one now has to use opt-cmd-V to paste as "rectangular text" instead of cmd-V (see discussion in Bug 2403).
  • minor improvements in Gnuplot mode, in synchronizer package

1.20 8.2rc1 features

The main new features are:

  • new RPM mode to edit specfiles used to build RPM packages on Linux distributions.
  • new Lex mode to edit Lex/Flex source files: syntax coloring and file marking. Processing of source files with cmd-T shortcut.
  • new Yacc mode to edit Yacc/Bison source files: syntax coloring and file marking. Processing of source files with cmd-T shortcut.
  • enhanced Fortran mode to support new features introduced in the 2003 standard.
  • updated M2 mode to new version 4.8.0 (thanks Andreas)
  • embedded the latest version of the Tcl 8.5 framework (8.5.9 ).

1.21 8.2rc2 features

The main new features are:

  • implemented headers with file name, date and page number in printouts. There is a new printHeader preference to control this feature (the default value is 0).

2 Bug fixes

2.1 8.2b1 fixes

  • Bug 2264: "Can't read '.sty' files that sit alongside documents"
  • Bug 2275; "toolbar search replaces found string with newline"
  • Bug 2276: "status bar preference won't stick on intel mac"
  • Bug 2277: "Start-up by double-clicking a file won't open the file"
  • Bug 2279: "Corrupted font size of document when opening Preferences dialog"
  • Bug 2280: "Some TeX mode keyboard shortcuts don't work"
  • Bug 2281: "Twiddle shortcuts don't work in 8.2a3"
  • Bug 2282: "RFE: Rename [betterStatusPrompt] command and modify its return value"

2.2 8.2b2 fixes

  • fixed issue with keyboard shortcuts involving the option key (like opt-cmd-E) which were not found anymore because of a wrong condition
  • fixed issue with the redefinition of non-existing bindings when switching keyboards in the Internation menu. A visible consequence was that the Zoom command was losing its shortcut when the U.S. keyboard was active.
  • fixed bindings to bind::LeftBrace and bind::RightBrace in some keyboard definitions

2.3 8.2b3 fixes

  • Bug 1826: "RFE: [balance] failure should preserve original selection"
  • Bug 2042: "file::absolutePath in fileManipulation makes a bad question"
  • Bug 2157: "RFE: TeX format reform"
  • Bug 2258: "RFE: Typeset commands/shortcuts rearrangements"
  • Bug 2263: "'can't read keys::specialProcs(nth Stop)' after SVN Developer Update"
  • Bug 2264: "Can't read '.sty' files that sit alongside documents"
  • Bug 2284: "crash on diff folders containing non-identical pdf files"
  • Bug 2285: "Fontsize confusion with TeX Console"
  • Bug 2286: "The [setFontsTabs] command with arguments does not work"

2.4 8.2b4 fixes

  • Bug 2288: "[menu clear token] not recognized by floating palletes"
  • Bug 2289/RFE: "Move all Config menu items into Alpha application menu"
  • fixed bug with some menu floats on Leopard being partially trimmed vertically

2.5 8.2b5 fixes

  • Bug 2246: "supersearch replaceAll in multi files changes encoding"
  • Bug 1882: "Problems with searching for "not" character / problems with non-ascii files"
  • Bug 1883: "Mutli-file search for "" does not work"
  • Bug 2291: "tex filesets can't live in folder whose name contains spaces"
  • Bug 2272: "Search option popup displays three non-exclusive options"
  • Bug 2273: "showInFinder: how to treat folders?"
  • Bug 2053: "AlphaTcl is unaware that all windows are minimized"
  • Bug 2058: "[markMenuItem] doesn't accept "\u25C6" black diamond"
  • fixed [setFileInfo] command with "resourcelen" argument which failed due to a wrong check of the number of arguments
  • fixed bug in saveAs command which would sometimes make the file invisible, alias or stationary, due to incorrectly intialized Finder flags.
  • fixed crash when a non-privileged user launches AlphaX on a machine were the local Application Support folder does not exist yet.
  • fixed long standing bug where the insertion bar would behave erratically after deletion of a portion of text. The recalculation of the internal currLine parameter was wrong because of an offset equal to the size of the gap (a value which could be anything at the time the deleteText command is invoked).

2.6 8.2b6 fixes

  • fixed scrolling issue in [insertText]
  • Bug 1893: "[status::msg] obstructs error message"
  • Bug 2009: "Patch goes to wrong line"
  • Bug 2294: "hiliteToPin causes an error"
  • Bug 2295: "Concurrent binding for [minimizeAll] and [matchingLines]"
  • Bug 2296: "toggleNumLock has no effect on the keypad"
  • Bug 2297: "The numLock variable does not need to be a linked var"
  • Bug 2298: "umlaut in TeX"
  • Bug 2299: "typo in the proc Bib::getFldName"
  • Bug 2300: "Tcl::keypad procs do not respect numLock"
  • Bug 2301: "RFE: xserv::executeExec should transmit error"
  • Bug 2303: "block cursor display problems"
  • Bug 2305: "cursor erases 1 pixel of wide letters"
  • Bug 2307: "paragraphToLine does not honour selection"
  • Bug/RFE 2308: "define [hiliteToPin] and [exchangePointAndPin] in AlphaTcl"
  • Bug/RFE 2309: "ensure toolbar items can be accessed elsewhere"
  • Bug 2310: "Remove obsolete linked variables"
  • Bug/RFE 2311: "move changeMode to the Windows menu"
  • Bug/RFE 2312: "toggleToolbar item in Windows menu"

2.7 8.2b7 fixes

  • Bug 1769: "Clicking on hyperlink destroys selection"
  • Bug 1188: "Switching amongst split window panes destroys selection"
  • Bug 2043: "[previousLine] should go to [minPos] in first line"
  • Bug 2317: "[balance] confused by the pin"
  • Bug 1410: "RFE: new global preference for "Default Indent On Return"
  • Bug 2110: "Unable to use pref. menu"
  • Bug 2248: "html doc with xml magig first line enter"
  • Bug 2292: "AlphaX Dialog error : ATSUStyle OSErr -8796"
  • Bug 2301: "RFE: xserv::executeExec should transmit"
  • Bug 2303: "block cursor display problems"
  • Bug 2305: "cursor erases 1 pixel of wide letters"
  • Bug 2307: "paragraphToLine does not honour selection"
  • Bug 2308: "RFE: define [hiliteToPin: and [exchangePointAndPin] in AlphaTcl"
  • Bug 2309: "RFE: ensure toolbar items can be accessed"
  • Bug 2310: "Remove obsolete linked variables"
  • Bug 2311: "RFE: move changeMode to the Windows menu"
  • Bug 2312: "RFE: toggleToolbar item in Windows menu"
  • Bug 2315: "LaTeX Utilities submenu loses items on mode"
  • Bug 2317: "[balance] confused by the pin"

  • Bug 1124: "Status prompt bypassed by some Mac OSX"
  • Bug 1188: "Switching amongst split window panes"
  • Bug 1202: "More OSX (10.3) Keyboard Shortcut conflicts"
  • Bug 1371: "Keyboard Shortcut glyphs missing from menus"
  • Bug 1401: "Synchronicity with textures works only once"
  • Bug 1410: "RFE: new global preference for 'Default Indent On Return'"
  • Bug 1421: "RFE: TeX::texRun array"
  • Bug 1441: "click on CVS icon crashes Alpha"
  • Bug 1449: "-shrink flag ignores fontsize"
  • Bug 14: "Alpha messes up non fixed-width font"
  • Bug 1557: "Replace All empty string matching"
  • Bug 1702: "[gotoLine] throws empty error if argument"
  • Bug 1709: "VoSe mode crashed while disconnecting"
  • Bug 1718: "Sticky alertnote after a diff of two"
  • Bug 1732: "clean up coreFixes bugs"
  • Bug 1748: "[(previous|next)Line does not work with"
  • Bug 1750: "wrapping and pasting fail to combine"
  • Bug 1769: "Clicking on hyperlink destroys selection"
  • Bug 1772: "RFE: Additional Clipboard Preferences"
  • Bug 1809: "Textures interface is now totally broken"
  • Bug 1821: "[saveAs: "does not transfer original file"
  • Bug 1836: "0x0A Can be Inserted into AlphaX's Buffer"
  • Bug 1864: "Icon not displayed anymore for Scripts"
  • Bug 1874: "[Alpha8: 'AlphaTclDevel.maccvs' file needs"
  • Bug 1923: "Status bar too short: about 1cm less wide"
  • Bug 1945: "Colow Window submenu produces wrong effects"
  • Bug 1946: "Toggeling the "Use Antialiased Text""
  • Bug 1948: "Filters Menu stores user-defined filters"
  • Bug 1949: "Default /Applications/Alpha/ permissions"
  • Bug 1957: "drag'n'drop in readonly win is silent"
  • Bug 1983: "Incorrect [alpha::package vsatisfies ...]"
  • Bug 1991: "RFE: Rationalize locations for setting"
  • Bug 2015: "bad startup error: can't file package Alpha"
  • Bug 2043: "[previousLine: "should go to [minPos: "in"
  • Bug 2073: "[placeText: "should be defined in AlphaTcl"
  • Bug 2087: "RFE: Move some "coreFixes.tcl" procedures"
  • Bug 2100: "Resolve "printing" issues in "coreFixes.tcl""
  • Bug 2104: "RFE: move xserv to standard prefs"
  • Bug 2160: "Alpha availability"
  • Bug 2213: "RFE: Reform (rename? remove?) "Config" menu."
  • Bug 2255: "cmd-I does not respect \[ \]"
  • Bug 309: "warn on low memory"
  • Bug 520: "RFE: allow user to specify"
  • Bug 532: "various initial 'mac-alphatcl-wiki' problems,"
  • Bug 639: "Process file command in S+/R menu is broken"
  • Bug 662: "preferred saved state ignored in save dialog"
  • Bug 713: "Crash after error "unable to realloc xxxd"
  • Bug 722: "Core commands [alpha::(cut|copy)Region]"
  • Bug 723: "RFE: convert AlphaTcl to use \uxxxx escapes"
  • Bug 756: "Killing a WWW window should destroy all"
  • Bug 846: "[tclAE::build::alis: "error on start-up after"
  • Bug 905: "ALPHA_ASSERT in Alpha Sources/main.c line #"
  • Bug 932: "Write access path stays open if creator<>ALFA"

2.8 8.2b8 fixes

  • Bug 1419: "'file mtime' and 'mtime' do not work together in Mac OSX"
  • Bug 1973: "alphac ([edit]) fails when accented letters are involved"
  • Bug 1974: "problems with decomposed unicode"
  • Bug 2097: "Resolve "Time and timing" issues in coreFixes.tcl"
  • Bug 2192: "Help in report-a-bug dialogues cancels the report"
  • Bug 2193: "Missing "Description" field in report-a-bug"
  • Bug 2194: "infinite pizza-wheel when submitting bug report (internally)"
  • Bug 2195: "report-a-bug dialogues do not offer a cancel button"
  • Bug 2283: "Decomposed Unicode confuses Alpha windows"
  • Bug 2287: "Interpreting "smtp" package command results in freeze"
  • Bug 2318: "problems with isInComment and multi-char comment tags"
  • Bug 2319: "Position not correctly remembered upon closing after pageForward/Back"
  • Bug 2320: "'Save and diff' error"
  • Bug 2322: "openLine misbehaviour"
  • Bug 2325: "RFE: Shorten lists of versions in Alpha_Bugzilla products"
  • Bug 2334: "HTML Mode: Return inside <STYLE> tag causes error"
  • Bug 2335: "MacMenu Info reports wrong values on Intel/Leopard"
  • Bug 2336: "Time commands emulations in coreFixes are inaccurate"
  • Bug 2337: "MacMenu Process info confused by synonyms"

The following bugs have been closed:

  • Bug 587: "Can't open files when path contains 8-bit characters"

  • Bug 911: "print problem"

  • Bug 1712: "Crash with Mk4tcl error in shell and status line"

  • Bug 1789: "crash while saving new doc (standard save dialogue)"

  • Bug 1824: "no mechanism to get or set a dialog position"

  • Bug 1958: "Drag'n'drop broken when the file path contains accented characters"

  • Bug 1972: "crash when moving file from path with accented letters"
  • Bug 2283: "Decomposed Unicode confuses Alpha windows"

  • Bug 2303: "block cursor display problems"

  • Bug 2305: "cursor erases 1 pixel of wide letters"

  • Bug 2317: "[balance] confused by the pin"

2.9 8.2b9 fixes

  • Bug 1802: "[deactivateHook] should be called by core only when active window is killed"
  • Bug 1861: "Can't add browser in HTML mode"
  • Bug 2287: "Interpreting "smtp" package command results in freeze"
  • Bug 2341: "The [after] command is broken in 8.2b8"
  • fix for Right Parenthesis bindings in R/S+ mode.

2.10 8.2b10 fixes

  • Bug 637: "'betterStatusPrompt' problem(s); Can't isearch for "
  • Bug 959: "OS 'Scroll to here' setting disables vertical scrollbar click navigation"
  • Bug 1223: "What should the 'synchroniseInternetPrefsWithSystem' pref do?"
  • Bug 1234: "All font sizes not available"
  • Bug 1823: "Can't isearch for "
  • Bug 1892: "[new] doesn't always present a padlock icon"
  • Bug 1902: "'Tcl > Tcl Shells > Remote Tcl Shell' xserv error"
  • Bug 1959: "QuickSearch find-again should not overlap matches "
  • Bug 2028: "Fileset 'Patterns' settings should be treated as a list"
  • Bug 2029: "Replace & Find Again Skips Lines"
  • Bug 2278: "'binding' item type"
  • Bug 2302: "documentation of keyboard shortcut capabilities"
  • Bug 2306: "Mouse pointer doesn't hide"
  • Bug 2313: "Describe Shortcut vs. Keyboard system pref pane"
  • Bug 2321: "'Save' dialogue always opens at /"
  • Bug 2340: "compare::windows fails in 8.2b8"
  • Bug 2349: "Unknown class NSTypographyPanelSlider"
  • Bug 2351: "built-in diff [list::longestCommonSubsequence] fails when nothing in common"
  • Bug 2352: "Fill Paragraph in Setx mode causes infinite loop"
  • Bug 2353: "powerThumb global preference not implemented"
  • Bug 2354: "'Named fork does not exist' error upon diffing folders with different content"
  • Bug 2357: "RFE: Replace setFontsTabs dialog by fonts panel"
  • Bug 2358: "Preferred mappings are broken"
  • Bug 2361: "[launch] brings some applications to the forreground"
  • Bug 2362: "[tclAE::processes] returns negative values"
  • Bug 2363: "[tclAE::processes] returns empty app name"
  • Bug 2366: "word-by-word diff gets positions wrong"

The following bugs have been closed

  • Bug 268: "quick-search problems"
  • Bug 1721: "'AESend failed: OSErr -609' with Diff Mode"
  • Bug 1733: "Option Titlebar menu mangles ellipses when calling menu proc"
  • Bug 1944: "[help::unmarkAllHelpFiles] suspect; modifies files"

2.11 8.2b11 fixes

  • restored a few files in AlphaTcl which had been accidentally replaced by an older version.
  • fixed Bug 2372: "[tclAE::launch -f] does not switch to the foreground"

2.12 8.2b12 fixes

2.13 8.2b13 fixes

  • fixed crashing bug when retrieving the current url from a webview created with the [hiview] command.
  • fixed the incorrect font used to display the date string in the splash screen on Japanese systems.

2.14 8.2b14 fixes

  • Bug 1860: "AlphaX does not work with Fetch 5.0.1"
  • Bug 2374: "Problem with New Document feature"
  • Hiroot windows can't be dragged under the status bar anymore
  • Bug 2220: "Bib mode validator reports an error on entries with fields with empty content"
  • Bug/RFE 2365: "Remove Internet Config menu from AlphaTc"
  • Fixed a crashing bug when an Hiview is deleted during the execution of a command attached to it and the command fails
  • Fixed many glitches in the Wiki menu (mising ellipses, empty title, menu procs).

  • Bug 2378: "WIki menu fails to edit existing page"
  • Fixed a crash when writing to the console a string starting with a NULL character (binary data).

Resolved as INVALID:

  • Bug 2293: "AlphaX menubar double-draw fault under Tiger"

Resolved as WONTFIX:

  • Bug 2229: "RFE: Overwrite mode for AlphaX"

Resolved as WORKSFORME:

  • Bug 988: " Clicking on batch find does not jump to right line"
  • Bug 1803: "crash when saving wiki page"

2.15 8.2b15 fixes

  • Fixed issue in HTML mode when attempting to change the menu icon preference
  • fixed some bindings inconsistencies in TeX mode
  • Bug 15: "RFE: user control for fonts in status bar, menus, etc."
  • Bug 306: "jerky scrolling in gotoTMark"
  • Bug 706: "getGeometry, sizeWin, moveWin are not OS aware"

  • Bug 1190: "RFE: [setPin] should be the only action changing Pin position"
  • Bug 1200: "RFE: implement modeless dialog windows"
  • Bug 1233: "RFE: default tear-off menu position of submenus should respect mouse"
  • Bug 1287: "RFE: reTeX command in TeX mode"
  • Bug 1377: "can't open document; doesn't close file properly"
  • Bug 2002: "RFE: auto configure xserv"
  • Bug 2020: "Double comment start in single comment line not ignored"
  • Bug 2046: "RFE: Allow 'Command Pop-Down Menus' in dialogs"
  • Bug 2062: "RFE: Simplify [removeNamedMark] specification"
  • Bug 2323: "svn: can't commit with accented letters in message"
  • Bug 2379: "focus does not follow insertion point"

  • Bug 2380: "error swallowed by menuProcs"
  • Bug 2381: "RFE: Suggestion: change height of status bar"
  • Bug 2383: "Marks Palette not redrawn when switching to another window"
  • Bug 2384: "an unintended binding prevents from typing `O' in Perl mode"
  • Bug 2385: "redundant and inconsistent math environments insertions"

Bug 1839: "RFE: open 'texdoc' from AlphaX using X11"

Bug 1943: "sigs to xserv transition not completed -- specific bug in TeX::texApp"

Bug 2389: "Selection in Contextual Menu confused by Tear Off Menus pref"

Bug 2382: "Can not launch"

Resolved as WONTFIX:

  • Bug 305: "key bindings work even if menu is disabled"
  • Bug 633: "RFE: don't collapse empty folder in Filesets menus"
  • Bug 569: "RFE: allow [markMenuItem] to accept a character class, i.e. 'bullet'"
  • Bug 1074: "RFE: Replace all in fileset should update lastmodified in .html files"
  • Bug 1786: "RFE: Built-in spellchecker for Alpha"
  • Bug 1811: "Incoherent casing in fontSize and tabSize"
  • Bug 1986: "RFE: New 'SystemCode/CoreMenus' directory"
  • Bug 2033: "RFE: Optional scrollbar in [dialog -e ...] fields"
  • Bug 2052: "RFE: Simplify 'alphaDefinitions.tcl' defining of default prefs"
  • Bug 2228: "[RFE] Deprecate Resource Fork Use in AlphaX Document"

Resolved as WORKSFORME:

  • Bug 1531; "RFE: 'File > Save All' shouldn't need to bring windows to front"
  • Bug 1922: "Garbled display (observed when diffing big files)"

2.16 8.2b16 fixes

  • fixed recalculation of temporary marks which was breaking the Better Templates navigation

2.17 8.2b17 fixes

  • fixed wrong layout constraints in custom area of GetFile and PutFile Navigation dialogs.
  • Bug 2390: "TeX: blank line swallowed by fillParagraph"
  • Bug 2392: "marks related erroneous scolling"
  • Bug 2394: "Files with <2> decoration can't be autosaved on Typeset"
  • Bug 2395: "obsolete menu-bindings in alphaDefinitions"
  • Bug 2397; "CMacTeX viewPS and distillPS services broken"
  • Bug 2011: "[tclAE::send] throws "Error: Process ... not found" with Firefox"
  • Bug 2388: "deleteComments seriously flawed"
  • Bug 1965: "xservices for printing dvi, ps, pdf?"
  • Bug 2006: "Undocumented first-line features"

Resolved as WONTFIX:

  • Bug 1524: "RFE: Disable VC "auto-CVS-tool" mechanism"
  • Bug 2243: "Wrong font size in multilist dialog item if more than 10 items"

Resolved as WORKSFORME:

  • Bug 1684: "RFE: suppress bugzilla e-mails to alphatcl-hackers"
  • Bug 2235: "Another common TeXing error"

2.18 8.2b18 fixes

  • fixed issue with autoscrolling speed when reversing the direction.
  • fixed issue with recalculation of temporary marks: values were written in the qrong dictionary.

2.19 8.2b19 fixes

  • Bug 2393: "File becomes dirty when opening and must Save as..."
  • Bug 2403: "Rectangular edition confuses text drawing"
  • fixed bug in Hiview bevelbutton control: when tear-off menu are enabled, the items indices in an attached menu were off by 1.
  • fixed compatibility between -items and -menu options in Hiview popup controls.
  • fixed incorrect regexp for file marking in Matlab mode (thanks Steven!).

2.20 8.2rc1 fixes

  • fixed crashing bug reported by Lars (2010/07/21) caused by an undefined Tcl_DriverWatchProc in the console implementation.
  • fixed bug reported by Andreas concerning spurious characters left at end of file after editing from an afp mounted volume.
  • fixed broken commands in CSS menu.

2.21 8.2rc2 fixes

  • Fixed issue with sometimes failing activation of Latex Accents.
  • Minor fixes in Gnuplot mode. Added missing commentCharacters array.
  • Restored binding for 'displaymath' environment in TeX mode.
  • Added TeX mode in menu::setUserShortcutsForMenu calls.
  • Fixed bugs with svn branching and tagging in Alpha.

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