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Startup pregui stage

The following files are in here:

  • initAlphaTcl.tcl - controller for this stage
  • tclAutoload.tcl - set up over-rides of some of Tcl's auto_load mechanism and provide routines for setting auto_path appropriately for AlphaTcl
  • alphaVersionInfo.tcl - declare current version
  • pathManagement.tcl - handling paths, encodings, checks for paths inside AlphaTcl or not, etc.
  • coreImplementations.tcl - define new, edit and over-ride bgerror from Tcl.
  • cache.tcl - cache handling library
  • prefsHandling.tcl - routines to load/save and declare preferences.

Startup: Package Rebuild stage (now status bar exists)

  • rebuildAlphaTcl.tcl - controller for this stage
  • rebuild.tcl - routines to build new indices
  • pkgsDeclare.tcl - alpha::package/mode/menu/feature/library etc routines.

This is followed by the rest of the alpha::Startup sequence (package loading etc).


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