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Alpha's Wiki Menu is distributed with two default "projects" named "AlphaTcl" and "Tcl" that refer to different wiki sites. These projects are useful for developers, but also help users experiment with editing and posting wiki pages from within the application.

One sad truth about the internet is that web site often go out of date. As a shareware program maintained by unpaid volunteers, Alpha has long relied on the good-will of its users and affiliated organizations to host different projects, including "Alpha-Bugzilla" and the AlphaTcl wiki. These hosts, however, are subject to change. It is possible that by the time you're reading this, the urls which are "hard-wired" into Alpha's Wiki Menu are already out of date, in which case the editing and posting of AlphaTcl wiki pages won't work. If you find this is the case,

  1. First check to make sure that you have a valid internet connection.

  2. Assuming that you do, the "Wiki Menu > Wiki Projects > Restore Defaults" command will try to reset the urls to the correct values.

  3. If, however, this does not work, these "persistent urls" (purls) should always point to the correct location for these projects:

The "AlphaTcl" project:

The "Tcl" project:

Open these urls in your browser, and you should be redirected to the correct locations that you can then enter in the "Edit Projects" dialog.

AlphaTcl 8.0.1 Notes

Unfortunately, just changing these locations will not be enough to enable the editing/posting of AlphaTcl wiki pages. Your only option is to upgrade to the development version of AlphaTcl, 8.1a3 or higher. You will have to update from the AlphaTcl CVS server.

Editing/posting "Tcl" wiki site pages should work fine.

AlphaTcl 8.1a3 Notes

As of this writing (01/31/2006), no further modifications to Alpha's Wiki Menu or support procedures should be necessary in order to edit/post AlphaTcl wiki pages.

Editing/posting "Tcl" wiki site pages should work fine.

Page last modified on January 31, 2006, at 09:24 PM
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