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Features: ITunes controller

This is a little hack for controlling iTunes from within Alpha (under OSX).

The first version (posted on Alpha-D in July 2003) was based on [[exec osascript]] -- this was dead slow. The following day, Johan Linde rewrote the script replacing all the exec osascripts by TclAE calls -- what a speed improvement! Thanks, Johan.

I have been using it ever since. Works like a charm.

To install it, place the script /anywhere/you/want and write this line in your prefs.tcl file:

  source /anywhere/you/want/iTunesController.tcl



All commands are given via a two-stroke key combination starting with Ctrl-I. The second keys correspond to the following commands:

  space   play/pause
  right   skip to next song in the current playlist
  left    return to previous song in the playlist
  up      increase the volume
  down    decrease the volume
  M       mute
  shift-M unmute
  V       set the volume
  I       show status (Info) (artist, song, album, playlist)
  R       turn on repeat
  shift-R turn off reapeat
  S       turn on shuffle
  shift-S turn off shuffle
  L       change playList
  O       request a song (Open)

You can also use Ctrl-I 6 to set the volume equal to 66. Here 6 denotes any one-digit non-negative integer.


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