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This serves as the home page for a proposed new documentation archive currently under development by The AlphaDocumentation? Team. We have recently been working on a proposal to archive all of Alpha's Help documents in a remote file server, which could be easily accessed through one of Alpha's menu items, and to create some master "Help Center" for Alpha.

The working name for this system is AIDE, which stands for "Alpha Information, Documentation, and Enhancements" or the "Alpha Information Development Environment". Bernard suggested the name AIDA which translates Alpha Information and Documentation Archive. The final name of this system is still under discussion (but probably will NOT be named geese).

Prior to major public releases of Alpha, all of these files would be properly formatted for viewing as local files, complete with section markings, fancy colours and such, and hypertext. Opening any of these files would insert a new menu which would give the user access to alternative formats for the file -- HTML, PDF, LaTeX, etc. Selecting any of these formats would retrieve the most recent version of the file from the cvs in the desired format, sending it to the appropriate application for viewing.

The remote cvs would use a system currently referred to as the Help.AIDERender. Based on the TIPrender, developed by Donal Fellows et al, the AIDE Render has been adapted for our documentation purposes by Daniel Steffan (das?). You're welcome to visit the Help.AIDERender wiki page to check out the current progress.

Please come back to this page for more information later !!

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