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Help: AIDENumberingScheme

Each Help.AIDE will be assigned a unique identifying number, allowing the ADT (as well as users) to keep track of the most current versions available (as well as a history of changes) logged in the Help.AIDERender cvs. The numbers assigned to AIDE files are not random, but instead are based upon a scheme that assigns blocks of numbers for related AIDES.

This page logs the proposals and changes made to the current numbering scheme. When this changes, please post the never version at the bottom of the list, but do not delete the previous versions.

Original scheme proposed by Craig:

      1-  99      Reference
    100- 499      General Overview  (Readme, Alpha Manual ...)
    500- 999      Quick Start  (The suite that Donavan is working on.)
   1000-1199      Global menus
   1200-1399      Modes Help
   1400-1599      Mode Examples
   1600-1799      Electrics
   2000-2999      Features
   3000-3999      LaTeX manual documents
   4000-4999      HTML Manual documents
   5000-5999      Alpha Developer documents

Revised scheme proposed by Donavan: see AlphaDocumentation? for explanation

      1-  99      Misc. Reference (Readme, AIDE, Mailing Lists, Wiki, etc.)
    100- 999      Quick Start  (The suite that Donavan is working on.)
   1000-1999      Learning Alpha
   2000-2999      Exploring Alpha
   3000-3999      Unlocking Alpha
   4000-4999      Alpha Cookbook
   5000-5999      Alpha User Reference
   6000-6999      Alpha Developer Reference

Most or all of the Global Menus, Mode Examples, Electrics, Features, Alpha Manual, etc. will be organized under the proposed project headings. See also 3.aide (AIDE Format) at

cbu?: Donavan, could you please define some of the Chapters within the projects as you've defined them? I want to make it easier for documentarians have a better idea of what numbers should be assigned. (I'd still like to see all of the 'Electrics' tutorials grouped together, for example, so if you could designate some of the 100s blocks that would be very useful.)

dh: Craig, I've put together an outline of LearningAlpha?. Take a look at it. We can assign probable AIDE numbers based on that (or some future version thereof) outline. Hopefully, this answers your question.

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