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Help: AIDERender

The ADT is currently developing a system for maintaining all of Alpha's help files in a cvs, which can be accessed via Alpha so that any user can obtain help for any topic via the www.

Each file in the system is referred to as an Help.AIDE. AIDE stands for "Alpha Information, Documentation, and Enhancements" or the "Alpha Information Development Environment." Bernard suggested the name AIDA which translates Alpha Information and Documentation Archive. The final name of this system is still under discussion. Currently, AIDE and AIDA refer to two different markup proposals for Alpha documentation. Please see the Help.AIDESyntaxDiscussion page for more information.

Each AIDE will be assigned a unique identifying number, allowing the ADT (as well as users) to keep track of the most current versions available (as well as a history of changes) logged in the cvs. The numbers assigned to AIDE files are not random, but instead are based upon a scheme that assigns blocks of numbers for related AIDES. See the proposed Help.AIDENumberingScheme for more information.

The AIDE system is based on TIP (for Tcl Improvement Proposals). TIPrender was originally developed by Donal Fellows and has been adapted by Daniel Steffen (das?) to render AIDE files -- the current name of this system is AIDE Render.

This system is still under development, but a working prototype can be found here:

Note that any AIDE file found on the cvs can be edited by any helpful user !!

Eventually this site will be moved into the sourceforge domain.

(And more details will be added here.)

Please use the Help.AIDERenderRequestsAndBugs page to discuss the current development of this system.

Craig Upright has been developing a set of enhancements to enable Alpha to render source .aide files that are being created by the ADT . His new Help.HelpMode? is designed to assist users in using the AIDE system, allowing them to view local Help files distributed with Alpha but have access to HTML, PDF, LaTeX (and additional) formats using any of the menu items available via a new AIDES Menu inserted into the menu bar.

Help mode also provides a set of tools to help documentarians create or edit AIDE files as well, providing menu items to automatically download from or post to the cvs.

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