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Please use this page to submit feature requests for the Help.AIDERender or to report bugs that you've observed with the system.

Please note that the system is still under development -- the current version can be found here:

Eventually this site will be moved into the sourceforge domain.

Feature Requests --

Please add any feature requests here. If they are adopted, they will be moved to the Implemented Changes section below.

  • (cbu?) Downloading Options

Is it possible to create a link to download all current AIDA in source format, stuffed as a single archive containing all of the individual files? I realize that these would all be numbered 1.aide 2.aide etc, but I have some ideas about how to handle that ... later.

  • (cbu?) Editing Header Fields

What if all of the fields listed as 'optional' in AIDE#3 were added as text-editable forms (above Abstract and Body). Is this possible? If so, we should better distinguish what is optional, what can be changed later and by whom in the formatting rules.

Bugs --

Please add any bugs observed with the AIDErender here. Once they have been fixed, they will be moved to the Implemented Changes section below.

  • (cbu? 05/16) Having some trouble posting an edit for 123.aide.

I downloaded the source format, edited it in Alpha, copied everything after the abstract section, and sucessfully opened the edit page.

In the body text edit box, I selected all, and pasted my new version in. Waited a really long time after pressing 'Submit', finally got a Netscape alertnote telling me "Document contains no data."

So I went back to the edit page, and deleted all of the old text in about 5 different highlights, and then pasted my new section in. Got a new page with this note in red:

"Could not acquire a lock on a working copy of 123.aide. Please wait a moment and try your submission again." Eventually I got the same alertnote as above.

  • (cbu? 05/16) Wierd indentation for multiple variable lists

Entering multiple variable lists causes weird indentation problems. For example, AIDE # 1000, "Fielsets Help" located here:

Look at the source, and then the output.

Implemented Changes

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