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Progress indicators in AlphaX


Starting with version 8.1a4, AlphaX offers two ways of displaying a progress indicator when a lengthy operation is being processed:

  • if you are just interested in giving the user some kind of visual indication that something is in progress, you can display a small rotating indicator in the bottom right corner of the current window: of course this assumes that there is a current window and that it has a message bar! The rotating indicator is an asynchronous progress indicator (of type chasing arrows) like what the system displays when the computer is starting:
  • if you want to display a more accurate information, you can use the application-wide progress bar located in the status bar (and invisible by default). See the screen snapshots on the ProgressBarCommand page on this Wiki.

Displaying the per-window indicator

The rotating indicator is controlled by the new busy property defined with the [setWinInfo] and [getWinInfo] commands. Here are the basic instructions to show or hide this indicator respectively:

     setWinInfo -w $w busy 1
     setWinInfo -w $w busy 0

where $w is the name of the current window.

To query the state of the indicator (visible or not) use [getWinInfo]

     getWinInfo -w $w arr

where $w is the name of the current window and arr is the name of an array. The state is stored in $arr(busy).

Displaying the main progress bar

The progress bar is controlled by the [progressBar] command which is explained in ProgressBarCommand

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