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The following text/programmer's editors:

  • Alpha (MacOS Classic)
  • Alphatk (Windows, UNIX, MacOS X)
  • Alpha8 (MacOS Classic, in public beta testing)
  • AlphaX (MacOS X, in public beta testing)

all use the same AlphaTcl support library to provide exceptionally powerful editing modes for HTML, Java, C++, C, TeX, Perl, Tcl, Objective C, etc.

Alpha version 7.6 is the latest release. Alpha 7 is no longer undergoing active development. All resources are being applied to the other, more modern incarnations of the Alpha editor.

Alphatk version 8.2 is the latest release (and 8.3dev is the development release). This runs on Windows, Unix and MacOS X.

Alpha8 is in beta testing, but is reasonably stable. It run on MacOS Classic only.

AlphaX is a Carbon application for Mac OS X, and is in beta testing.


A number of good monospace fonts are available for programmers. You can download any of these and install them in your OS.

Many of them are found at

Macintosh OS 9.x

  • ProFont []
  • Sheldon []

Mac OS X

  • ProFont []
  • Sheldon []


  • ProFontWindows []
  • ProFontWindows truetype []
  • Sheldon []
  • Sheldon4 []


  • "ProFont []


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