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Alpha documentation

The AlphaDocumentation site is maintained by DonavanHall, it can be found at

As I mentioned on my personal page DonavanHall, I've switched careers. I don't have access to the web account above. Two years ago I moved most of the documentation to my personal site:

but a few months ago I switch web hosts and now those files don't exist anymore.

Click here [] to browse the current Help documents included with the latest versions of AlphaTcl. If you want to suggest a new section (or contribute some Help text) to any of Alpha's Help files, please check out the Help.HelpTheHelpFiles page.

For any one interested in getting a sneak preview of the future of Alpha's documentation, Donavan keeps drafts and notes at the following url:

The above site is definately out of commission. It was running on the G4, OS X machine in my old office.

The Alpha Documentation Team is debating how best to implement Alpha's new documentation system. A record of sugguestions, ideas, and comments are provided on the Help.AIDE page.

The New Alpha Documentation

CraigUpright and DonavanHall are rewriting and updating Alpha's documentation. The following is a rough outline of proposed document sets. See also the Help.AIDENumberingScheme for how these document sets/projects fit in Help.AIDE.

1. Alpha Quick Start (What's up with the line wrapping?)[]

2. LearningAlpha (I just need to get my dissertation written.)

  • includes an update of the Alpha Manual
  • update and correction of all help files in Alpha's distribution
  • implementation of Help mode
  • will provide numerous tutorials
  • tutorials will run in an Alpha shell
  • printable documentation

3. Exploring Alpha (Adventurous Users)

  • full reference manual for the serious Alpha user
  • extensive customization of Alpha

4. Unlocking Alpha (Advanced Users/Developers)

  • So, you want to write your own package?

5. The Alpha Cookbook

  • Recipes for creating modes, packages and menus

6. Alpha User's Reference

  • Everything the Alpha user needs conveniently indexed and referenced

7. Alpha Developer's Reference

  • Everything the Alpha developer needs conveniently indexed and referenced
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