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The AlphaFAQ is maintained by DonavanHall, it can be found at

Donavan has a form [] where you can submit Q&A's for the AlphaFAQ.

'5/15/2001:' I have set up a copy of the Alpha FAQ on my personal website: This new FAQ is the same as the old one, but it is now searchable, one of the advantages of switching to a cgi rather than a static page. I have found a new FAQ maintenance system that looks better than faqmanager inasmuch as you can use a web form to add Q & As. Then I began thinking-- why not put the Alpha FAQ here in the AlphaTcl Wiki?? I can start working on moving the information over here if anyone is interested. The Alpha FAQ has laid dormant while we have been improving Alpha's documentation.-DH

Vince - I think it would be a good idea here on the Wiki. It won't look quite as pretty, but it will be more easily interactive and encourage user-contributions, I think.

das 1/4/01

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