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AlphaTcl branch 7.6

Please read the section in the CVS.AlphaTclCVS regarding cvs 'tags'. In addition to the STABLE, CURRENT, and HEAD tags, another one that Alpha 7.x users should be aware of is the one named branch-7_6 This is the only tag that should be used when updating AlphaTcl for Alpha 7.x

For a long time, while Alpha8 and AlphaX were in private development status, the AlphaTcl library was compatible with all of Alpha 7/8/X/tk. The Alpha 7 series was the only one released in public, stable versions. Alpha 7 presented a lot of challenges for the continued development of AlphaTcl, because internally it used version 7.4 of Tcl (Tool Command Language), while future binaries all required Tcl version 8.0 or greater which, while back compatible with version 7.4, added a lot of new programming options that vastly increases the flexibility of AlphaTcl. As public releases of Alpha8 and AlphaX drew near, a decision was made to make Alpha 7.6 the last release in the Alpha 7 series. Future version of AlphaTcl are now incompatible with Alpha 7, and you should not attempt to update your AlphaTcl library to files with the CURRENT or HEAD cvs tags -- they will completely disable your application.

The CVS.AlphaTclCVS does, however, allow developers to add fixes to the 'branch-7_6' versions, and this will be done periodically to address issues that are brought up by users. The majority of AlphaTcl development is devoted, of course, to this next (current!) generation of Alpha editors, so don't expect very many updates to this branch in the AlphaTcl CVS library.

This page contains items that should be added to the CVS. Sections include

  • To Do List
  • Changes committed to CVS

To Do List

  • help.tcl regexp fixes

Line 1522 in help::hyperizeExtras

    {"\# +([^ ][^\r\n\"]+)"} \

should be

    "\"\# +(\[^ \]\[^\r\n\"\]+)\"" \

Line 1527 in help::hyperizeExtras

    {<<([^>\r\n]+)>>} \

should be

    "<<(\[^>\r\n\]+)>>" \

Line 1542 in help::hyperizeExtras

    {"[^\r\n"]+->[^\r\n"]+"|'[^\r\n']+->[^\r\n']+'} \

should be

    "\"\[^\r\n\"\]+->\[^\r\n\"\]+\"|'\[^\r\n'\]+->\[^\r\n'\]+'" \

Changes committed to CVS

cbu 26may03

Page last modified on July 15, 2008, at 08:12 PM
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