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(:title Document Projects:)

Craig suggested that Document Projects be revised (see Menus.ElectricMenuIdeas). For several years I've been using Document Projects and have some ideas of my own. Therefore, I'm going to take a stab at souping up Document Projects even more. I'll keep a record of what I'm doing here. Please add suggestions or comments. -DonavanHall


Filesets and Document Projects are related. Each fileset is a document project. Thus the two packages should be made to work together more naturally.

An added level of organization is something I call a Context. Multiple filesets can be associated with a Context. For example, all the papers I write about heavy fermion superconductors are part of the same Context, but each paper is its own Project/Fileset.

Proposed Tasks

  • move Document Projects menu items into Filesets menu
  • for development, create projectsMenu.tcl and implement changes there


Using menu::insert to add items and submenus to the filesetMenu overwrites the contents of the filesetMenu. Is the filesetMenu not compatible with menu::insert? (I'm talking about the version included in release v7.5d12.)

Vince writes: I'm afraid the filesetsMenu won't handle menu::insert, which is kind of a shame. Also the filesets-utils menu uses its own mechanism for additions (looks in some global array) which is again not ideal. On the other hand, since 7.4.2, the filesetsMenu is a lot simpler to understand, so perhaps it's not too hard to add some of this.

An alternative approach (not great, but perhaps ok for development) would be to simply make a new file 'projectsMenu.tcl' which is simply an edited version of filesetsMenu and continue from there. Once you have something working, we can decide whether to continue with a completely new package or to try to do what you're trying above.

Donavan replies: I realized this when I found that adding the DocProjects menu items to the Utils menu worked fine. I will do as you suggest and start a projectsMenu.tcl and see if I can make the necessary changes.

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