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Main: Editing the AlphaTcl Wiki

These instructions concern the old implementation of the AlphaTcl wiki with the Wikit engine. They do not apply to the new pmWiki-driven site.


To edit pages in the AlphaTcl Wikit, you'll need to

  1. Create a free sourceforge account:
  2. Register this account name at the "Who Are You" page:

After registering your SF account at the Who Are You page an e-mail will be sent to you with a registration url that you can visit to complete the registration process. You might have to wait a while for this e-mail to arrive; it is sent via an hourly cron job. If you have cookies enabled in your browser, your registration url will be "remembered" the next time you want to edit the wiki.

Registration/verification has unfortunately become necessary after repeated abuse of this wiki.

Once you are registered ...

Please read [WelcomeVisitors] first, and feel free to experiment on the Graffiti page before committing 'real' changes.

Editing the Wiki using Alpha

In all versions of Alpha8/X/tk distributed with AlphaTcl 8.0.1 and above you can also edit wiki pages using the program's 'Wiki' mode. For example, if you open the WikiSandbox web page using Alpha's WWW menu

you can then click on the "Edit" hyperlink to open a new editing window in 'Wiki' mode. Saving this window will post the new content to the wiki database. Wiki mode editing can be posted using the wru registration url, or "anonymously". In the first case, the RecentChanges page will show the account name for the person who posted the last edit; all "anonymous" WIki mode editors are listed as "alphawikimode."


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