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Note: while this method for voting was fairly successful to determine the None/Think/MPW issue (c.f. [NewNoneThinkMpwMenuItemName]) it might be less so now since the user must first register ( a sourceforge account ( My guess is that participation will thus be rather low. Cbu

In buBtg# 924 there has been some discussion about Alpha's default "Text > Twiddle" Keyboard Shortcut. The problem here is that in MacOSX 10.3.x (and earlier) Command-` is the default System shortcut for "Rotate Windows".

This is another example of Apple taking over a shortcut used by Alpha. While the user can change this system-wide by selecting the ''Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts'' preference panel, this is not friendly behavior on the part of Alpha. We can complain amongst ourselves about this trend, but in the end we must accept that our shortcut must change.

This wiki page allows all interested Alpha users to help decide what the new shortcut should be.

The following options have been suggested in various posts. Please indicate your support for one or more of them by editing this page (click on the "Edit" hyperlink at the bottom) and add your name beneath the option(s) that you support. You can vote for as many as you would find acceptable, please indicate your true favorite by placing a "*" behind the name in the appropriate category.

If you don't see your preferred candidate below, feel free to add it. Please remember that the Option key will be used as a dynamic modifier to call "Text > Twiddle Words"

If you want to add some comments about any of the proposed shortcuts, add them to the Discussion section below.

Vote early, vote often, but of course you should never remove someone else's name! Of course, these are only suggestions for the AlphaCabal which retains all veto privileges ...





(cbu) Notes for the Command-' shortcut:

Both Command-' and Command-Option-' are claimed by other code:

Both of these would have to be changed if this option was adopted. Personally, I wouldn't miss either of them, and I thinnk that they could both be shortcut-free.

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