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Notes for Mac OS X users

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(:title Notes for MacOSX users:)


(:title Notes for Mac OS X users:)

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(:title Notes for MacOSX users:)

If you're using Mac OS X, both AlphaX and Alphatk are pretty stable and should do everything you were used to from Alpha 7 or Alpha 8 on classic MacOS.

Note (Sept 2004): the current public beta AlphaX-8.0b16 supports native printing.

Alphatk uses 'enscript' for printing support.

There are a few keyboard shortcuts in Alpha that are in conflict with OSX system-wide shortcuts, like Cmd-` for cycling windows and Alt-Cmd-D for hiding the dock. In OSX 10.3 (Panther) you can turn these shortcuts off in the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences Panel. You can also just define some new shortcuts in Alpha --- see the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the Alpha Manual.

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