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Welcome to the Alpha wiki!

This site is the home page for AlphaTcl, an open-source library used by the family of Alpha text-editing applications, including Alpha7, Alpha8, AlphaX and Alphatk. This site is in the form of a Wiki.Wiki -- clicking on a link will open a new page which has been created/edited by some member of the Alpha development/user community.

  • Is this your first visit? - then WelcomeVisitors !
  • This wiki contains several FAQs (see Category.FAQ) -- more contributions are welcome.

Navigating the AlphaTcl Wiki

  • The Categories page will help you find information for certain topics.
  • Looking for something specific? Each page includes a Search link at the top.
  • This site changes very frequently, see the Recent Changes summary.
  • A good spot to see new pages launched is Wiki.NewPages.

Editing the AlphaTcl Wiki

This is a collaboratively-edited area, anyone can edit any public page or create a new page, so please feel free to add some content! Some of these wiki pages are password protected (such as this main page); contact a member of the Alpha Cabal if you need access.

Looking for a new version of AlphaX ?

AlphaX is available for Mac OS X.

The latest beta development release (AlphaX 8.2b) can be downloaded from []. It requires OSX 10.4 or 10.5.

The second final, public release of AlphaX 8.0 (8.0.2) was released in June 2006. It exists in three different flavors, for Mac OS X versions 10.2.x, 10.3.x, and 10.4.x:

  • Mac OS X 10.2.x : []
  • Mac OS X 10.3.x : []
  • Mac OS X 10.4.x : []

(Jaguar: 13.4 mB download ; Panther: 14.3 mB ; Tiger: 10.9 mB.)

Unlike previous beta versions of AlphaX, there is no need to download and install the "Tcl" software library separately. Each flavor listed above is upwards compatible, i.e. the Jaguar version should also work in Panther and Tiger.

See also: OlderReleases

Looking for a new version of Alphatk ?

Alphatk is available for Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X.

Current Beta/Development versions:

The current released version of Alphatk can be found at the [] web site. That site also includes information about older releases.

Frequently updated pages

New to AlphaTcl and Alpha ?

Useful AlphaTcl resources

AlphaTcl Wiki Info pages

Help using this Wiki

Here are some useful default pages installed along with the PmWiki software:

More information about PmWiki/PmWiki can be found at In particular more details are available from the text formatting rules and other documentation pages. An exhaustive list of default markup is available as the markup master index


For more about Tcl, see the Tcl'ers Wiki:

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