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Updating the AlphaTcl library

This page explains how to update the AlphaTcl library in AlphaX version 8.2b2 or higher. (For AlphaTk, see AlphaTcl SVN Commands.)


The AlphaTcl library is hosted by SourceForge and its files are controlled by Subversion (aka svn) which is a version control system. The library is in constant development and some users might want from time to time to update the library to the latest, bleeding-edge version.


To update AlphaTcl, you need the Subversion svn client installed on your machine. It comes preinstalled with Mac OSX 10.5 or higher. Otherwise, installing Subversion is just a question of downloading an installer and double-clicking on it. One option is the Metissian distribution for OSX:


To update the AlphaTcl library, go to the submenu Config -> Global Setup -> Upgrade AlphaTcl. This submenu has three relevant commands:

  • AlphaTcl User Update
  • AlphaTcl Developer Checkout
  • AlphaTcl Developer Update

If you plan to update only once, the first command is recommended. If you if plan to update frequently, use first the "Developer Checkout" (and subsequently "Developer Update").

The first time you interact with the SourceForge svn server, you may be prompted to accept a server certificate, and you have to press P to proceed. (Don't worry about messages like "Error validating server certificate". It isn't really an error, it just means your computer doesn't recognise the SourceForge server, which after all is natural if it never interacted with it before.)

Technical details

Here is exactly what the commands do:

  • the User Update executes an svn export command: this means retrieving the most recent contents of the repository without any Subversion administrative files. This is appropriate for users who just want a fresh version of the files and do not need to place them under version control.
  • the Developer Checkout executes an svn checkout command: this means retrieving a complete working copy including the Subversion administrative files. This is required for developers who make modifications in the AlphaTcl library and want the files to be under SVN control, and is also the most convenient for anyone doing frequent updates. You only execute a Developer Checkout once: subsequently you use the Developer Update command instead.
  • the Developer Update executes an svn update command: this is only possible if previously a checkout command has been issued, so that the files are under SVN control. The svn update command only retrieves the files that have been modified in the repository.


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