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Menus: Dock Tile Menu in AlphaX

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Since version 8.1a4, it is possible to add items in the Dock Tile Menu which pops up when clicking on the application's icon in the Dock without releasing the mouse button. The items are inserted on top of the default items provided by the System, but under the list of opened document windows.

The additional items are defined as a Tcl list returned by the [docktileMenuHook] proc. When an item is selected, the [docktileSelectProc] is invoked with the name of the item as its first argument: it is thus possible to take any action in AlphaTcl in response to the menu selection by defining this proc appropriately.

The menu is built dynamically each time the user holds the mouse button down on the application's icon in the dock. So the [docktileMenuHook] proc can return a list of items depending on the context of the application.

There is a limitation on the number of additional items which can be inserted in the dock tile menu. Currently 100 items are allowed. If a list of more than 100 items is returned by [docktileMenuHook], the exceeding ones will be silently ignored by Alpha.

The list returned by [docktileMenuHook] can contain "(-" elements which will be interpreted as menu separators.

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