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Modes: AidaConverting

This page serves as a forum for discussing the Converting capacities of Modes.AidaMode.

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When a file is edited with Alpha in Aida mode, a menu called AIDA is inserted in the menu bar. It contains an Aida Editing submenu listing the various currently available target formats:

This list is based on the aida plugins included in the distribution. All the plugins are named something like aidaConvertToXXXX.tcl where XXXX is the name of the corresponding format. For instance: ''aidaConvertToHtml.tcl, aidaConvertToPdf.tcl, aidaConvertToMan.tcl'' etc.

Version 2.2 of Modes.AidaMode supports the following target formats:

All the menu items are explained in the Help file which can be found on line at

See the Modes.AidaExtending page for more info about writing new plugins.

what about an Aida to Texinfo plugin?

there is an experimental filter but no plugin yet. Any volunteer to create this ?

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