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This page serves as a forum for discussing the Editing capacities of Modes.AidaMode.

When a file is edited with Alpha in Aida mode, a menu called AIDA is inserted in the menu bar. It contains an Aida Editing submenu subdivided in four submenus:

  • Aida Sections

  • Aida Structures

  • Aida Styles

  • Aida Links

All the menu items are explained in the Help file which can be found on line at

Most of the menu commands are bound to key combinations: you press ctrl-a, release, then enter a letter or a digit. For instance, if some text is selected, ctrl-a followed by the letter b will enclose the text in a ((b b)) pair of tags (corresponding to boldface). The list of all available key bindings can be obtained via the Aida Bindings item in the AIDA menu.

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