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This page serves as a forum for providing general information about Aida Mode for Alpha. It contains the following sections:

  1. Download

  2. Installation

  3. Help and examples

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To download the latest version of Aida mode, click on the following link:

This is a compressed archive file. To decompact it, you need Stuffit Expander (


Once the archive is decompacted, you can choose the automatic installation or a manual installation.

Automatic installation

There is a file named OPEN TO INSTALL. Just double-click on it and Alpha will take care of installing all the necessary items in the relevant locations.

Manual installation

The various elements must be copied to different locations. Some of them are required for Aida mode to function properly, others are optional (help, examples). In the following, ALPHAFOLDER designates the folder of the Alpha application.

1- Required elements

  • The AidaMode folder itself must be copied inside "ALPHAFOLDER/Tcl/Modes"
  • The files contained in the Filters folder must be copied into "ALPHAFOLDER/Tcl/Menus/Filters Menu/Filters"

2- Optional elements

  • The files contained in the Help folder should be copied into "ALPHAFOLDER/Help"
  • The files contained in the Examples folder should be copied into "ALPHAFOLDER/Example"
  • The files contained in the Aida folder can be copied anywhere. For instance "ALPHAFOLDER/Tools/Aida"

Help and examples

If you installed the Help files in Alpha's Help folder, you can peruse them from the Help menu once Alpha is launched. You can also call the tutorial file using the Aida Tutorial menu item in the AIDA menu. It is a sandbox which lets you experiment with the Aida syntax and with the conversion tools.

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