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This page serves as a Quick Reference for the Aida syntax. When a page is edited with Alpha in Modes.AidaMode, the Aida menu contains an item called "Quick Reference" which displays the same information as below. Please do not modify this page unless you found inaccurate information. To discuss the Aida syntax itself see the Modes.AidaSyntax page.

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 ((/       /))    Beginning/end of abstract                        
 ((q       q))    Beginning/end of quotation                        
 ((s1             Section header                                   
 ((s2             Subsection header                                
 ((s3             Subsubsection header                             
 ((s4             Paragraph header                             
 ((s5             Subparagraph header                             
 ((toc            Insert a table of contents                       
 ((idx            Insert an index                       
 ((inp            Input a file                      
 ((nl             New line
 ((np             New page
 ((-              Horizontal rule


 ((i       i))    Italic
 ((b       b))    Bold
 ((u       u))    Underline
 ((v       v))    Verb


 ((ld     ld))    Beginning/end of description list                
 ((lo     lo))    Beginning/end of ordered list                    
 ((lu     lu))    Beginning/end of unordered list                  
 ((li             Ordered/unordered list item                     
 ((lt     lt))    Description list term


 ((t0      t))    Beginning/end of table without frame                      
 ((t1      t))    Beginning/end of framed table                           
 ((tr             Table's row                                      
 ((t-             Horizontal line (in table)

Text Markers

 ((im     im))    Insert an image                                  
 ((|       |))    Beginning/end of verbatim block
 ((a     a))  ))  Named anchor (label)
 ((lk   lk))  ))  Hyperlink

Index entries

 ((x       x))    Index entry

Evaluation tags

 ((s       s))    Substitution sequence
 ((if     if))    Conditional block

Any line starting with !! (two exclamation marks) is considered a comment.

The following tags must be at the beginning of a line:

     ((- ((/ ((im ((inp ((ld ((li ((lk ((lo ((lt ((lu ((nl ((np ((q
     ((s1 ((s2 ((s3 ((s4 ((s5 ((t- ((t0 ((t1 ((toc ((tr ((| /)) q)) t)) |))

Header parameters

The :Title: parameter is mandatory (though a default will be used in case it is missing). The following parameters are reserved for internal used by Aida:

 	Author Keywords ManSection Project
 	Source TclCmd Title

The :Author:, :Keywords: and :Project: parameters are looked for when converting to Pdf: they are used for the Pdf file's information dialog. The :TclCmd: and :Source: parameters are used to evaluate Tcl instructions or Tcl scripts (see the help file). The :ManSection: parameter is used for conversions to Man pages. It is the number of the "section" in which a man page classifies. The value of this parameter should be a number between 1 and 8, or n. The default value is n.

The following parameters are commonly used but not required by Aida:

 	Created CvsDate CvsHeader CvsId Email 
         Homepage Log Mode Modified Name 
 	Revision State Symbols Type Version

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