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Modes: AidaSyntax

This page serves as a forum for discussing the Aida Syntax itself, its capacities, its deficiencies, its future development. Please edit as you see fit.

You can find a summary of the current set of Aida tags on the [Aida Reference] page.

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Requests and Suggestions

It would be nice to have a way of splitting a single input file into several output files linked together by navigation links (go to previous page, go to next page, go to top file etc.) as seen very often with documentations in Html format.

Another cool enhancement, somehow related to the preceding, would be to have a notion of node like in Texinfo ? Nodes could be specified with a new ((nd or ((no tag.


What is the rationale behind this unbalanced parens approach? Doesn't it hurt your eyes and throw sand in your mental parser? This is a question, not a critique.

Another question: this page is dedicated to discussion of the Aida syntax. Does it mean the syntax is open for discussion and changes, or does it mean that we discuss how to use (and live with :-)) the given syntax?

It seems that those ((tags without explicit closing are closed by an end-of-line char? What happens when you have a section header which is so long that it won't fit on one line? One could imagine that a stricter syntax could be advantageous in some respects, and the trouble of typing a closing tag is minimal (and we have AIDA mode to help with it).

All the tags listed on [AIDA Reference] are nice an mnemonic - except ((/ /)) for abstract and ((| |)) for verbatim. What is the reason these tags are like this? There seems to be nothing special or canonical about abstract and verbatim, they ought to be able to find a two-letter abbreviation like everybody else...

(These questions were posed by Joachim. Don't be too eager to answer them, because then I might ask more...)

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