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CraigUpright has been developing a set of enhancements to enable Alpha to render source .aide files that are being created by the ADT (Alpha Documentation Team). His new 'Help' mode is designed to assist users in using the AIDA system, and to help documentarians create source .aide files. The latest version can be found here:

Each release contains two different files: 'help.tcl' and 'helpMode.tcl'

The package includes an installer script named Open To Install -- package indices will then be automatically rebuilt.

After a restart, open any help file via the 'Help' menu, and the file will open in the new Help mode, inserting the new 'AIDES' menu into the menu bar. While you won't have any local .aide files to view, you will have access to the www Help.AIDERender system currently under development.

Note that since the aiderender syntax is based upon the tiprender, it is very Wiki compatible, and is very useful for creating or editing wiki docs as well.

   Like this one    :)
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