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Donavan Hall is maintaining the AlphaDocumentation site where lots of great documentation resides:

Personal Note: I suppose that I have dropped off the edge of the world. I've not forgotten Alpha or its documentation. Five months ago I switched careers and have been distracted with the mundanities of life. I don't know how I would do my work without Alpha. Now Alpha is more important to me than ever. Long live Alpha. (1 March 2003)


Mail Mode Ideas

  • mail templates for routine forms that need to be filled out and mailed

  • signatures created and selected in Alpha

  • implement Emacs bindings for Mail mode (not strictly necessary, but nice for old Emacs folks)

  • support for "Reply-to:" field

  • auto wrapping of unwrapped text in mail window

  • optional toggle to Setx mode for message reading and composition

  • "Send" hot text in composition window

  • menu item to Trash selected message in browse window

  • internal handling of "Nicknames"

Other Projects

An Introduction to Authoring Systems

        Covers all aspects of authoring documents using a Macintosh.  Text
        processing with Alpha; typesetting with Tex; BibTeX; Excalibur; content
        databases; scripting for authors.

Typesetting for Physicists: Using RevTeX and TeXsis

        Provides comprehensive documentation for these two TeX macro packages.
        Include a chapter on "How TeX Works" and another on using these packages to
        generate PDF files.

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