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Alphatk on OS X with TeX applications

This page is to discuss how to use Alphatk with the various TeX implementations on OS X. Anything that used to work under Alpha 7 on classic should now (since Alphatk 8.2b8) work in exactly the same way with Alphatk on OSX. So, OzTeX, Textures, CMacTeX etc should all work fine.

In addition, command-line tex implementations (teTeX for example) are now well supported (equally well to the old classic applications).

What may still be needed are improvements or additions to handle:

  • applications which have changed the way they operate since classic.
  • new applications on OSX (TeXShop, for example)

Please add your experiences to this page (click on the 'edit' link at the bottom).

Note: typesetting may fail the first time OzTeX (or any other app) is launched. Simply try again once the application is up and running and it should work. Please report any such problems.


Step 1: set your 'Exec Search Path' preference to include the path to teTeX (/usr/bin/etcetc). If your teTeX installation is to the standard place, you should find the exec search path already set and you can skip this step. If not, go to Config->Global Setup->Helper Apps and click on 'set' by the Exec Search Path. In the dialog, you won't be able to navigate directly to /usr, so you will need to type in the path and hit 'Go' first.

Step 2: attempt to typeset a file, and when Alphatk asks you for a tex helper, you should see 'tex' (or latex or pdftex or pdflatex) listed in the popup menu in the dialog you are shown (you will actually be shown all applications on your path which match the pattern *tex*, so make sure you select the right one -- you could easily select tex2html by mistake, for example). Select the one you want from the dialog, and the typeset should proceed correctly. Alternatively, in other pages of the dialog you'll have the opportunity to type in the application's full path, or select the application manually.

that's it.

If Step 2 is pointing at the wrong executable, go to Config->Global Setup->Helper Apps and click on "Set..." by your texSig (or pdftexSig or pdflatexSig, etc) to pick a new application.


Set your texSig using the Config->Global Setup->Helper Apps dialog as above. It is best to use the 'locate manually' dialog page, and make sure you select 'communicate via apple-events'. Then attempt to typeset your file. Everything that used to work under Alpha 7 should now work under Alphatk.


Should all work, just like OzTeX. This should include flash mode etc.


As with OzTeX, you need to select TeXShop as your helper. However, at present the precise apple-events needed to communicate with TeXShop are not programmed into Alphatk (they are in the file 'latexComm.tcl' buried inside Alphatk). It is set up to pass .tex and .pdf files to TeXShop, for .pdf this then works, but for .tex all TeXShop does is open the file. I assume other apple-events are needed for seamless interoperability --- help much appreciated.


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