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Tracker: AlphaTrac

As of May 2011, Alpha uses a new issue tracking system, the Alpha-Trac system, installed at SourceForge at the following address:

The old Alpha-Bugzilla database, used from Sept 2002 to Jan 2010, has been closed. An archive of its 2403 reports has been installed online for reference at the following address:

1 What is Trac?

Alpha-Trac (or simply Trac) is an on-line database of all of the bugs or requests that have been reported for various Alpha products. It is based on the Open Source Trac system. The official home page of the Trac software can be found here:

Bug reports, requests for enhancement and requests for a task are all referred to as tickets.

2 Trac Registration

The Alpha-Trac system is hosted by SourceForge (as well as the AlphaTcl project).

The web-based Trac interactions require that you be a registered user at SourceForge. If you do not have an account at SourceForge, you can easily get one: go to the User Registration page.

3 Creating a new ticket

The Help > Bug Reports > Create New Ticket menu item will open a window in your favorite browser in which you can type your report.

Once again, you must be logged in at SourceForge. If it is not the case, you'll find a link in the page displayed by your browser to log in.

You must enter a title for the ticket in the Summary field. Then you should give a detailed description of the bug or the request in the Description field. You may use WikiFormatting in this field.

You should also set appropriately the popup menus displayed under the Description field:

Before you start to write up a bug report, please read these useful instructions for some information about how to increase the likelihood that your bug will be properly addressed. Simply put, the more effectively you report a bug, the more likely an AlphaTcl developer will actually fix it.

Bugs can be reported by any user, and if accepted by an Alpha/AlphaTcl developer then they will be addressed as soon as an appropriate fix for the problem can be discovered and properly implemented. Some bugs that have an obvious solution will be fixed on the same day that they are reported. Others, which cannot be easily replicated or require a more thorough examination to discover the underlying cause of the problem, might retain a NEW or UNCONFIRMED status for quite a while. Some bugs have been waiting years for a proper fix -- but so long as they are properly entered into the database they are never truly forgotten.

4 Viewing existing tickets

The Help > Bug Reports > Open A Ticket√ menu item in Alpha will let you specify the number of the ticket you want to open and will display it in your favorite browser.

To simply read already existing tickets, you do not have to be a registered SourceForge user. You can just go to the Alpha-Trac web page using the Help > Bug Reports > Go To Alpha-Trac menu item and select the View Tickets tab in the toolbar. This tab is always present. On the contrary, if you want to edit a ticket and enter comments, then you must be logged in.

5 Trac Reporter Preferences

The Trac Reporter package provides basic support for communicating with the Alpha-Trac system. It installs a submenu called Bug Reports in the Help menu.

This package has a few preferences related to Alpha-Trac.

The Trac Url preference is the URL of the Alpha-Trac database. It is preset and you should not have to modify it.

The Bugzilla Archive preference is the URL of the online archive of the old Alpha-Bugzilla database. It is preset and you should not have to modify it.

6 Source Code Browsing

The Trac system also provides facilities for browsing the Subversion repository where the source code of the AlphaTcl library is kept and developed. It is accessible at the following address:

Note that the AlphaTcl project at SourceForge also has a source code browser at the following address:

Which one you prefer is just a matter of taste.

7 Links

See the Known Bugs help for more information about known bugs as of this release, and for further tips on what steps you should take before deciding to submit a new bug report to the Alpha-Trac database. The Debugging Help file provides additional information about steps you can take to help discover what is going wrong with a given operation.

 * the Alpha Wiki
 * the AlphaTcl project at SourceForge
 * the source code browser
 * the Trac FAQ

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