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Wiki: Bogus pages created by accident

Sorry, I just destroyed the wiki

says <JK> on 2005-03-06. One could imagine that this happens a lot: somebody writes a wiki page and forgets to use double brackets for inline Tcl code -- then a new page is created! Of course, there are many other ways to create pages by accident, as you can imagine from the following list of Bogus pages, most of which I made myself just now. (I am sort of comforted to see that the first one in the list appears to be due to one of the True Wiki Masters. ([Cbu] interjects: Hardly!))

By going to these pages and clicking on the title one can check whether the culprit link still exists. If it doesn't exist then ideally the page sohuld be deleted. I don't know if this is practical, or if these pages have to persist for ever as a monument over -- as a monument over some of wiki's shortcomings, hhm.

cbu 10Mar05 You're right, it appears that simply including a bogus "link" by surrounding some text in brackets actually creates a placeholder entry within the wiki database. My assumption was that the page would only be created if you actually clicked on the hyperlink which opens a new "Edit" page. Of course, once the ill-formatted wiki text is removed, there is no longer any page that links to these bogus pages.

Some wikis provide a "preview" button, such as MoinMoin, allowing you to correct these mistakes before these monuments are created. I don't know if there's any similar functionality available in the [Wikit] implementation. If not, then I then that these pages have to be removed "manually" by our wiki administrator.

das empty wiki pages created by erroneous bracketed text are no big deal, they only use a minimal amount of space in the database, and once the erroneous bracketed text is removed again, such pages are not referenced anywhere in the wiki, the only way to discover them would be to numerically go through all wiki pages by hand... IIRC they are not automatically deleted because of issues with concurrency and stability of wiki page numbers. FWIW, the tcl'ers wiki is full of such empty pages with no ill effects.

If it is ok for wiki page numbers to change, empty pages can be removed by the wikitool script...


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