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Note (JK Oct2004): Due to Wiki spamming (professional spammers adding URLs to the AlphaWiki pages in order to increase the Google rank of the referenced site), editing of the pages of this Wiki may be restricted to subscribers. This is somewhat in contradiction with the true spirit of wiki.

There is an interesting discussion of Wiki Spamming going on on the TclTk Wiki There several technical solutions are outlined, and once the TclTk Wiki has found a good solution, perhaps the AlphaTcl Wiki will be able to adopt the same solution.

Adapted from the Tcl'ers Wiki []:

These pages are a part of [AlphaTclWiki] - a collection of information related to AlphaTcl. This is a new way of maintaining information, based on a concept called Wiki Wiki Web, or Wiki.Wiki in short.

Looking around

Like any other web site, you can go through these pages by clicking and following hyperlinks. There are a number of ways links show up:

You can also see a list of RecentChanges, which is maintained automatically, or Site.Search for words in page titles or even through the full text. Other places to start from are likely to spring up soon, as people start to add more information and adding lists they find useful, such as a list of people, called [AlphaTcl'ers].

Adding comments

But you'll miss out on half the fun if you don't enter "edit mode" - because that's what makes a Wiki unique: everyone with a web browser can edit the contents of these pages, and create new pages!

Every page has an "Edit" link at the bottom. A few notes on editing:

  • These pages are generated from plain text, with a few very simple markup tricks. For those familiar with other Wiki's: the Wiki.FormattingRules on this Wiki are similar, but not identical.
  • As you will see, some pages are written and maintained by a single person (who will usually sign with his/her name), while others are more "discussion-style-append-at-the-end-please". It is customary to include your name/initials and the date of your entry in pages that are on-going discussions.
  • There's a WikiSandbox page where you can sharpen your Wiki writing skills. It's a good place to start; don't be suprised if that page (and your text!) changes wildly over time.
  • Feel free to participate on a discussion page whenever you like. As you will see, discussion in this form is different from a newsgroup. Each has its benefits; these discussions are likely to stay much shorter, but... they don't expire!
  • If you have an idea for maintaining a new list of some sort, or if you want to start a discussion on a new topic, you can create a new page. The way to do so is to look for a spot appropriate to mention the new page, think carefully about its name, and then simply add a comment with your new page name in square brackets. If you don't see a good place to start a new link, you can always go to Wiki.NewPages and add the link there. Once the link exists, you'll see tiny hyperlinked brackets - click on those to edit the new page. That's all.
  • If you'd like to keep a page with information about yourself, you can add your name to the [AlphaTcl'ers] page, and put square brackets around it to create your own personal page. You can look at the other entries for ideas on what to do with your personal page.

Anyone can alter anything

That's right: you can alter anything on any of these pages. With this extreme freedom and power, comes the responsibility to respect what others have written. Fixing typos is likely to be appreciated everywhere, whereas removing major pieces of another person's writing is frowned upon... If you do this, we will find ways to cast a virtual spell on you... :o)

Does that mean everything you enter could also be gone the next minute? Yes and no: yes, it may disappear from the page - no, it's never really gone. This Wiki (which is based on PmWiKi) tracks the full history of changes, including the IP address of the machine from which the change was made - so we have a basic indication of who changed what. Although the feature to recall previous versions of a page has not yet been implemented, the information is already there. The plan is to allow you to view older versions of a page, and to copy and paste things back in if text has disappeared for the wrong reasons.

This history mechanism also solves another aspect of Wikis, i.e. that when two people edit a page at the same time, only the last change will show up. Though probably rare, it does happen. With history recall (and hopefully some form of change highlighting), one can go back and pick up what was accidentally overwritten because of this.

You are cordially invited...

... to participate in this new form of collaboration called [AlphaTclWiki]. Wiki is a more direct and creative way of defining a website together than anything else I know. It will become as much an AlphaTcl resource as what we make of it. The Wiki concept is new for all of us, and my impression is that everyone involved so far already has a lot of fun with this. If you have an idea, and want to share it, or discuss it, or find support for it, you can set up a page and start a discussion - instantly. Also, whenever you run into broken links or stale information on this Wiki, you can go in yourself and improve and extend what's there.

As with any new enabling technology, there are truckloads of new ideas waiting to hatch - on the implementation side as well as on the contents side of this new adventure called Wiki.Wiki ...


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