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This site is the home page for AlphaTcl, an open-source library used by the family of Alpha applications, including Alpha7, Alpha8, AlphaX and Alphatk. This site is in the form of a Wiki -- clicking on a link will open a new page which has been created/edited by some member of the Alpha development/user community.

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This is a collaboratively-edited area, anyone can edit any page or create a new page, so please feel free to add some content! You do, however, need to register as described in the Editing the AlphaTcl Wiki page.

Looking for a new version of AlphaX ?

The first final, public release of AlphaX 8.0 is in the final stage of testing; you can to download and install the final-release candidate for a test run. AlphaX now comes in three different flavors, for Mac OS X versions 10.2.x, 10.3.x, and 10.4.x:

(Jaguar and Panther: 10.3 MB download ; Tiger: 7.4 MB.)

Unlike previous beta versions of AlphaX, there is no need to download and install the "Tcl" software library. Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) includes a Tcl distribution (version 4.7) in the Library of the operating system; the Jaguar and Panther distributions of AlphaX include a Tcl interpreter embedded within the application. Each flavor listed above is upwards compatible, i.e. the Jaguar version should also work in Panther and Tiger.

Looking for a new version of Alpha8 ?

The first final, public release of Alpha8 8.0 is in the final stage of testing. You can download the final-release candidate here:

Follow the installation instructions found in the unpacked archive.

In the meantime...

When the new releases are ready, they will be advertised here and announced on the AlphaTcl Mailing Lists. Thanks for your continued patience as the volunteer Alpha development team works out some of the outstanding bugs.

When you launch earlier (beta) versions of Alpha8/X, you might be presented with an alert dialog directing you here to download and install the latest version. Unfortunately, it isn't ready yet. In the meantime, see the information below about Using expired beta releases to learn about the "secret handshake" file that will allow you to continue using the last release.

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If you are using MacOSX, please see the Notes for Mac OSX Users.

Using expired beta releases

Beta releases of Alpha8/X expire a fixed number of days after they are built (c.f Changes - Alpha [18]).

While it is preferred that you use the the latest (i.e. non-expired) release available, it is sometimes useful to run older releases. To override the beta expiry check at startup, create a folder (or file) next to your Alpha8/X application named Don't expire Alpha beta (exactly).

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