New Pages

To add a new page to AlphaTcl Wiki, you can edit this page and add an entry. Links to your page will show up automatically in the Recent Changes changes page, and also wherever people add links to it later. I will check this page every once in a while and remove entries once they have been linked to from other pages.

Did you know that clicking on a page title lists all pages which point to that page? (Well, most of the time it works. When it doesn't work, don't get all upset. Just remind yourself that it is only a piece of software, and that occasionally there are glitches. Then drop a comment on one of the AlphaTcl Mailing Lists with a pointer to the page in question).

Anyway: to add a page, think carefully about a good name for it, then add it here, with square brackets around it. Then save and click on the hyperlinked brackets to create your new page. Note that Wiki's hyperlink code currently doesn't do so great with titles that include things like punctuation (+, ;, ? are at least 3 known to cause problems) so the more that you avoid those characters, the better.

One good use of this page is to start a new hierarchy of pages. If you cannot figure out where your page should be referenced, start here and someone will add a reference later when it is appropriate.

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