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Alpha is a very powerful, sophisticated text editor that contains a wealth of features that you won't find in other programs, but unlocking Alpha's potential can sometimes be a frustrating challenge. You might run into various behaviors that at first don't make much sense. Some of these are just poorly documented, while others are referred to as (ahem) Power User features.

This page contains some of the most commonly asked questions about how to use Alpha. Each hyperlink opens a separate page which (hopefully) gives an answer to help you use your favorite editor more efficiently. To see a list of all wiki pages in the FAQ category, simply click on this Category FAQ hyperlink and follow the instructions found in the new page that opens up.

Posing a question to the AlphaTcl project developers or the greater Alpha user community can result in better documentation or improved implementation of a feature. If you don't find the question that you need answered, you can click on the "Edit" button below to insert it (just follow the formatting that you see for the other questions), and check back later to see if somebody provided an answer for you.

(Of course, you can also sign up for one of the AlphaTcl Mailing Lists and ask it there. Questions posted to the lists are usually answered within a few days, if not hours.)

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Historical note: Donavan Hall created a different Alpha FAQ a while back [1], but this alternative forum allows for greater collaboration and might be updated with more regularity. (Thanks, Donavan, for all of your previous efforts!)

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