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Use this page to enter requests for features you'd like to see for specific packages distributed in the AlphaTcl library.

Please note that you can also use Bugzilla to request features (also known as Requests For Enhancement, or RFEs) at


or submit them directly to one of the AlphaTcl Mailing Lists.

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Requests For Enhancement

I just saw a nice free program from ATT called Graphviz [1] that allows one to create directed graphs from a text file, called a .dot file that specifies nodes and how they are to be linked. It seems that Alpha would be an ideal editor for these graphs, as Alpha already handles Tcl and there is a Tcl editor for the .dot files as in [2]

If you are interested, there is a nice (free) Mac OS X renderer for Graphviz by Pixelglow at [3]

Is anybody working on an Alpha package for this? --cheers, Gordon Sick <sick@ucalgary.ca>

I would to have an "Update Shown Filesets" item in the "Fileset Utils" menu, so that hidden filesets are ignored. I have a lot of hidden filesets, used for various projects past and present, and don't want to do a rebuild on all of them.

Or, maybe "Update A Fileset..." could just take a multi-item listpick?

-- cbu

The "Search Paths" package currently isn't very useful unless a mode has some special procs which actually use the lists created. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) What about ...

-- Choosing any file selected in the "View Path" listpick dialog opens a standard OS Find File dialog so that you can choose to open a file within the chosen directory?

-- The Search Paths package inserts an "Open via Search Path..." menu item in the File menu, selecting it either shuttles you off to the View Path menu item proc, or (if no paths have been sent) gives you an askyesno telling you that no paths have been set, would you like to set some now?

These would at least not make a user feel chumped by going to the trouble of activating the feature, setting paths, and then nothing happens.


Requests In Progress

These items were originally requested on this page, and some preliminary support is now in place in development releases.

(status: Bernard is working on this -- AlphaTcl contains an xml mode, but Bernard seems to have more than is currently publicly available.)

I am just starting to explore Ruby (www.ruby-lang.org) and it would be great to have colouring etc.

--DaveG at idotam (I didn't mispell idiot BTW)

(bd 30/04/03) One can create a new rudimentary mode very (well relatively) easily using the mode creation assistant (cf modeCreationAssistant.tcl in Packages). If you provide a list a Ruby keywords, we can help you build this mode.

(Vince 05/05/03) Rudimentary Ruby mode added. It colours keywords and little more. Needs work.

(status: in progress.)

I would like a global preference that determines if Alpha should automatically change the type to TEXT and the creator to ALFA when I save a file. (Perhaps initially set to 1). Not having this option makes it more difficult to automatically open .html files in my browser, for example. Alpha has a number of methods to open non-ALFA files from within the application already, via filesets, recent files, etc.


(status: Alphatk supports this now. See the 'File' preferences page. This has also been filed as a formal RFE in bugzilla (report # 1005, [4]) for implementation in Alpha8/X.)

Requests Granted

These items have been included in some recent public release of Alpha(tk).

I find having a single window with "tabs" for each file much easier to manage compared to the current technique of having a separate window for each file.

Thanks, Alistair.

[Vince] has added this to Alphatk (8.3d7). I don't know if there are any plans to provide this in Alpha.